Favorite Place you've visited

What is your favorite place you have visited in the United States?

Be specific!

Answer #1

hey the grand canyon isn’t in Phoenix, Arizona…its like 2 hours north of Phoenix haha

Answer #2

Never been there..hahah I hope one day I will.. I really want to…

Answer #3

pheonix, arizona. the grand canyon was breathtaking…but non us would definatley be cuba or ireland. :)

Answer #4

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii. Even though it’s a part of the United States, I like how Hawaii is so removed from the consumer-based society of America, and still sticks to a lot of its culture.

Answer #5

Puerto Rico!!! It’s sooo beautiful and secluded. The jungles are amazing and the beaches are even better! And all the fruit stands and small vendors are the best, everything is sooo fresh. I didn’t go in a walmart the whole month of being there! haha To me, that’s a miracle! lol It’s definitely somewhere I think everyone should visit at least once!

Answer #6

Never been there =(

Based on what I know though, I kind of like Chicago. Cosmopolitan, rich history (parts of which are not so nice), extensive suburbs, brave continental weather

Answer #7

I had the pleasure of living in the state of Texas, for about one year, in 1984. At that time, I had visited a state park near Houston, Texas. The name of the park was “Los Brasos (the arms) State Park”.

This was a state operated “park” … but was actually a wild place. It was a bona-fide live swamp. The mist rose upward from the ground early in the morning to expose hanging moss from the trees. I had to stop my vehicle on the road several times to allow armadillo and deer heards cross the road. And as I entered the park, I was faced with a large redwood sign that boldly stated “BEWARE OF LIVE ROAMIING ALLIGATORS”.

You could actually visit the park and never have to get out of your vehicle if you did not want to. Certainly not a place for the more faint of heart, but it was a definite “must” for the more adventurous individual. There was a charge of only a couple of dollars to get into the park, you could spend the entire day there, and it was an adventure of a life time.


Answer #8

In the United States.. hm.. Well. I’d have to say Pensacola beach.. Its a little island type place close to Florida. It’s not commercial and its all pretty much national park reservations.. so the beaches are amazing. I went with my good mate Anna… and One night we were just sitting on this random beach.. I was just walking aimlessly.. The sun was beginning to set.. ( yes I know major cliche) You know the way the sunlight glints off the water, it was so pretty. American Girl by Tom Petty came on my I-pod.. hahaha. But it was all perfect. In that moment, I felt infinite. So that’s why its my favourite place.

Answer #9

nver been there.. aghh!!! I really want too..

Answer #10

MIA ..Mansion club lol

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