Is England a nice place to visit?

Is England worth to go to? I’m wondering ‘cause I’ve had always wanted to go to England.It seems nice. I even have a britain accent and britain in me. I was born in America Colorado. But is it nice to visit that country, I must know!

Answer #1

For scenery and wonderfull air; North Wales>snowdonia national park>betws-Y-Coed and Conway Valley regions are unsurpassable in quality and quantity- everywhere you go is beautifull! full of castles, mountains, trams, rivers and little lakes - its old and timeless and the best in all of the UK. Even or especially in winter you will feel like you had a really good holiday. You will want to spend a good few days in this region alone,so book online at they have the best food around and its very affordable. - ask for discount rates off season-(Wales is not a great place to find good food easily - you have to know where to go) here is a good site to see more of North Wales; If you have a family, there is the the happy valley on the great orme in Llandudno.

For nightlife, shopping and cosmopolitan vibes;Brighton, south coast of England. For Haute couture and expensive modernity; London> Oxford St. and of course Harrods in Knightsbridge. Hampton court palace (35 min train from London) is THE placeto visit if you want to get a feel of the quintessential old Tudor England. the website doesnt give you a good idea of it, which is a shame! a Kew gardens are nice if you like exotic plants.

Answer #2

i live in liverpool in england and it is a nice place to live but i don’t no why anyone would want to visit. the weathers freezing, and theres hardly anything to do, i’d much rather live in america myself like.

Answer #3

England is nice country to visit although I haven’t go there but from the picture that my sister took I think it’s nice place and I hope to visit it.

Answer #4

Yeah it’s great. If you go and you like the city I’d go to London buut if not I’d go to Essex or somewhere if you like the countryside go to Dorset or Devon :]

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