What are your favorite places to go on vacation?

Where are your favorite places to go on vacation? Why? Details, details!

Answer #1

U.S Virgin Islands. my family and i went to St. Thomas and it was beautiful!! one day we took a boat over to St. Johns and it was amazing. the water and beaches are beautiful, the best beaches ive ever seen! if you go to St. Johns you must go to Trunk Bay. it is the best beach on the island! i would highly recommend goin to the US Virgin islands, i would go back in a heartbeat.

Answer #2

Grand Marais, Minnesota. I lived there previously for about two years. It’s a beautiful town in the middle of nowhere. The temperature is near perfect throughout the entire summer. The entire town and surrounding area has 1,300 people. Very small, but it’s nice that way. Everyone knows everyone. About a year ago I found out that among the places where people wanted to live in the United States, Grand Marais, Minnesota was rated number one above New York City. Odd that there aren’t more people in that town.

Answer #3

I love going to visit my dad in florida miami is a very cool city theres a lot to do from flying hot air balloons to going through crocodile lakes on a boat and also going on a boat to see the millionaires houses

Answer #4

the bestest ever place ever to go is to Charleroi Pa!!! I loved it when i went there they have swimming, golfing, great food, and skating and well… EVERYTHING!!! you got to go there!!! O and the greatest hotel there is the Myford Hotel they got everything!!! Go There!!!

Answer #5

i love going to washington d.c. and san diego, we hav another house in san diego by the beach and i lov eit. and i love going to d.c. cuz my cousin is there and they also live by the beach in the maryland condo and its a great place to just hang out, chiill out, and bond. i would love to travel to sydney cuz my couzin attends college and showed my pics of the beach! white sand and tropical blkue water. lovely

Answer #6

Every time I’m on vacation, I end up in Washington DC, but I would love to go to Great Britain.

Answer #7

Go on a carnival cruise to the Caribbean best thing you can do

Answer #8

Check out the Berry Hill Estate in South Boston, Virginia.


Answer #9

It would absolutely be Washington, D.C. I’ve only been there once for a band trip but it was the best time of my life! There are so many historical sites including the White House, and John F. Kennedy Memorial. Also there are many places to shop, I went to a place called the Old Post Office and there were so many restaurants and places to shop it was almost a mall except PEOPLE WERE ABOVE US WORKING IN THEIR OFFICES, it was awesome! Along with those there are also many interesting museums and an aquarium thats about 5-? floors high with escalaters and an open top part with animals at the top of the building. =] ~Alanna

Answer #10

Magaluf in Majorca which is in the Baleric Islands of Spain. The nightlife is AMAZING!!! and everyone is so friendly there (plus the cheap fags and booze!!). This is a picture of me with a cocktail while I was there >>>

Answer #11

a beautiful place to go is point pleasant,new jersey. it;s rite by the beach and it has a boardwalk and it is 1 of the best places to go. every1 there is friendly and the next town over (brick) is the safest place in the usa (not kidding they said it on the news) u can do anything there its THE BEST!!!

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