What is your favorite travel place?

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ok..one of my favorite places is a cruise in the meditteranean, or caribbean...its calm, and relaxing, and fun!! there is lots to do, and you dont have to stay at the same place, you go to differant placess!!!

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I like to travel to malaysia especially their countryside.Because I dont get a chance to see plantation in my country.And I love their foods! Its very delicious. After every trips to malaysia,I'll gain weight.And malaysia is just beside my country...So I can travel to malaysia without spending a lot of money.^^

Favorite place to go on vacation?

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omg I agree malaysia is amazing I went there last october

BUT ITALY is also amazing I came back from a 2 week trip with my school about 3 weeks ago!!! I still cant get over it

I went to rome sulmona san gimmiano venice florence !!! so I had a mixture of countryside villiages and the 3 main cities !!! absoloutly stunning


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ooh spain go to the barcelonita beach in barcelona absolutely beautiful

Favorite Place you've visited

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Syria its the best

What are your favorite places to go on vacation?
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India is the best historical place to travel, Udaypur, Kerala, Ladakh are some most beautiful places in India.

Wheres the best place to travel in canada?

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my best travel place is Playa Flamingo tour in Costa Rica, this place is lots of adventure and beach are available. you and your family are enjoy the traveling in costa rica. get more information on

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