Your favorite places in manhattan?

Do you have any favorite places in manhattan? It’s a big place, I live there, and me and my friend chels were just discussing, our favorite places. Our favorite places was based on a large amount of factors, -hot guys -tourists -enviorment -relaxed feel -nightlife Etc.

We came up with The top 5

-astor place -the world trade center -battery park -alphabet city -(close to) stuy town

They’re all relatively in kind of the same area, but here’s why.

Astor place : piercings are really cheap, and professional. It’s loaded with hot guys. Especially my type. The piercings, tattoo, mysterious type. Although they’re not really subtle when they hit on you. Yesterday, walking through there with chels (we got there like once a week to chill) I got hit on prob 14 times for wearing a mesh shirt. Example- there was this guy wearing hunter thompson esque glasses, and when I said, “I like your glasses.” he looked me in the eyes and said “I like you.” not subtle, but cute. I just love the comfortable feel and enviorment it holds.

The world trade center: I know this is horrible and “unpatriotic” of me and whatnot, but I just love to fck with the tourists. They go there to see a hole, and claim it’s supporting their country. No, they’re feeding their country. Clicking snapshots of garbage isn’t going to show any one that blowing up buildings is wrong, it’s going to show some attention hungry psycho that there’s a new way to get attention fast. So I like to fck around with their heads a little. Example: A guy walked up to me the other day, as I was sitting on a stoop looking “native” to this homeland. And asked me, “excuse me, do you know where the world trade center is?” So I looked him in the eye, and replied, “I’m sorry sir, it’s not there anymore, hasn’t been for seven years.”

Battery park: a section of it is really peaceful, looking out at the water. It makes me feel for a few seconds, like all of this is worth it. And it couldn’t possibly all end one day, because something so perfect and immaculate exists, and therefore, by child’s logic, is impervious to any damages of the world. And how can we destroy something that looks so powerful, so docile in it’s power, that makes it somehow more dignified than we will ever be.

Alphabet city: two words. The nightlife.

Stuy town: drunk frat boys love us there :]

Now, my question, getting around to it is, -if you’ve ever been here/ live here, what’s your top 5 places to visit? -why? -if you haven’t, where would you like to go?

Me & chelseeey would like to know. Chels and I would appreciate it, as we are looking for something to do today. Holllaaa.

Answer #1

I’m pretty addicted to the East Village. On any given weekend, you can usually find me trolling around St. Marks Place laughing at all the drunks in Tompkins Square Park. The booze in the Village is about as cheap as you can get on the island.

Other than that, I usually stick to Brooklyn. The girls in Wiliamsburg are much cuter than the Manhattan girls. No offense :)

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