What is your experience and opinion of a ouija board?

Answer #1

I’ve never gotten it to work, but I think the real ones probably do channel spirits or whatever. They’re pretty cool.

Answer #2

It has never worked for me. I’ve tried itseveral times with a few of my friends, nothing happened.

Answer #3

i have never tried one, but my mom and aunt did when they were little. apparently they asked it a question and it started moving by itself. they got so freaked out they went and threw it in the out house

Answer #4

Experience none, opinion. Like most things if you believe something will happen, your mind will find a way to make you think it happened.

Answer #5

I have tried it once and it didnt work. Maybe we didnt do it right, but im not sure I want to try it again. Ive never seen a ghost myself, but I cant,help but be paranoid and superstitious when it comes to this stuff. Ive read that often times the spirits can lie to you and tell you one thing when they are really evil demons.

Answer #6

entertainment purposes only.

Answer #7

Just something to think about, I wouldnt mess with something I know nothing about!

Answer #8

It’s something that should never be dabbled in and you sould always treat it seriously.

I’ve never used one as the only loved one I know who has died is my twin sister and I firmly believe that she’s still here and I don’t need a board to talk to her. I think as a Wiccan,ouija boardskind of violate my beliefs, ‘What ye brings fourth sends back to thee’ and using a board is like summoning and they may be no control on if or how you can send it back. Other Wiccans may disagree.

I just think that you should organise your intentions and be as safe as possible if you want to use one.

Answer #9

I’ve known my mom has had some experiences. I’m going to say if you let demons and other spirts in, them things will happen. If you invite that stuff in or your house has stuff in it,or poeple in your house are practicing.

Answer #10

ive used one once and it DONT NOT go over well. things went to heck in a hand basket. Im a Wiccan and even after my friends and i set up a circle, purified our space, and did what we are supposed to do, things freaked. My friend still doesnt remember anything, and i cant sleep well at night, the black circles under my eyes proves it…………dont go near them, i understand people dont believe they work, but they are very real….people have been put into asylums because of them x.x

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