would an online ouija board work?

Kso me and my good friend were really really bored and were looking for scary games to play (Don’t ask why, but I just fancied it at the time).

And I came across a game called ‘contact the spirits 2’, and it was basically an online ouija board.

My friend persuaded me to play it, and I was just wondering, would an online one actually work? Or is it all just programmed into the game?

I mean, it sounds ridiculous, since it was a game. But I’m no expert.

Answer #1

To me it’s a negative, not a positive influence - possibly opens doorways into your life that you don’t want nor need open…my opinion.

Answer #2

I can’t picture a ouija board working on a computer…not so scary…or sane

Answer #3

Lol what harm would a game cause?

Answer #4

uhhh I dont know. I agree with Amblessed

^_^ hes…pretty intelligent.

Answer #5

if it helps, here’s the game:


Answer #6

naw, they dont really work. I asked it my age and it said I was 6.

Answer #7

I couldn’t see it working, really. As a person who designs it, they have to have something programmed into it, so its going to deal with numbers and equations, not mystical energies or anything like that.

Answer #8

Yes they do work.. the online ones do too. anyone who says it don’t work just cus it didn’t work for them, didn’t stick at it long enough. If you approach it with an open mind no giggling and wait patiently for the cursor to move.. it will.

All the people who say it can’t hurt you cus it’s only a game are wrong too. Sure it’s only marketed as a game to make money.. but study the history of it and you will see, it is no game. The same with Automatic Writing, ( holding a pen to paper and blanking out till your hand starts to write) works too. There are good psychological reasons why they work called auto suggestion on the one hand.. on the other hand cultures from around the world have used ouija boards in one form or another for thousands of years to make contact with spirits.

There is growing proof that there is a link between the mind and the spirit realm. Scientist can tell you auto suggestion makes the plastic part of a ouija board move but they cannot tell you exactly where those instructions come from. There is no way to test if the instructions come from a persons subconscious or a spirit world that enters your mind through a part of the brain that is not yet understood.

Many of those who have used ouija boards have been harmed physically from spirit beings who have entered this world through the doorway opened by the ouija user and harmed mentally by the traumatizing experience of such an encounter. Keep in mind this does not happen to everyone and closed minded people who haven’t had this experience will tell you it’s harmless because it didn’t happen to them.

There are many websites and scientific studies with information on this harmful effect of ouija boards. Just search the serious minded sites and don’t rely on people who have no knowledge of these things from boards like this.

I am no scientific expert but I am qualified to point you in the right direction because as a teen I played with the ouija boards and as an adult I have studied extensively all information I could about this subject for many years.(I am 41 today so that’s a lot of study).

I have had both good and bad experiences with the ouija boards even seeing objects fly around the room. I studied up on the subject because I wanted to know why these things like flying objects happened. My best advice is not to play with this so called game.. just in case.. you never know…

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