What is the easiest way to go to sleep?

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By reading the book you never liked XD

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Well, taking a bath before you lay down can help you relax. No caffeine after about 4pm will allow you to get tired for bed. Maybe a hot cup of herbal tea or something before bed? Also, when you lay down, lights and TV should be off, and it should be quiet. TV is distracting, and so are lights. Lights also make your mind think it is daytime, keeping you awake. Maybe instead of silence, you can get a sound maker, listen to ocean sounds or rain while you try to fall asleep. Sometimes if none of this helps, you may have some kind of sleeping disorder. You may need to see a doctor about some sleeping pills. If it's really bad, maybe get involved in a sleep study. Most sleeping pills aren't good for you and can be addicting. A very good sleeping pill I take is Melatonin, it's a a natural sleep-aid (100% drug free sleep aid). Helps promote relaxation and sleep, and you wake up refreshed and revitalized. You can get it over the counter, it comes in 3mg or 5mg. It's about $5 for 60, 5mg rapid release liquid soft gels. I strongly recommend it, and I really hope this helps. Good luck! =]

Still be woke in my sleep

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I don't know where, but they have lavender spray to help you fall asleep.

When will I get some sleep lord?
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I recommend a half a handle of good vodka..you will go out like a light,,,

I can't sleep by myself. What should I do?

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He is only 17! Why would you recommend VODKA!!! to a 17 year old!?!?! It's not even a healthy way to get to sleep! He could get addicted to that, thinking that the only way he can get to sleep is by drinking that every single night. >=[

How can I make myself sleep?
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ohhhhhhh,,, then try ZMA it can be bought at GNC or Vitamin strores....has zinc and magnesium...sleep very well...

How can I finally get some sleep?

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I set the clock radio on a easy listening station with volume down to where I can just hear it. I've done this for about 55 years so I know that it works (for me anyway).

Can't sleep..
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-Laying down and watching a very boring show
-Closing your eyes with soothing music on softly
-Roughing yourself up throughout the day so your tired when it is time for bed
-Listen to preacher who really isn't good at preaching

Im having trouble sleeping.

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exercise followed by a warm bath a couple of hours before bedtime.

What could be causing me to lose so much sleep?
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unlucky you
I am very licky in that I can close my eyes and blank every think around me, weather in a night club on a plane or in bed
just close your eyes and let your body drift off

Why do I swear while sleeping?

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