Dont Start B*tching At Me.. I Just Want To Put This Out There

Dont take this the wrong way because honestly I just dont wanna hear someone go on about how satanic or some stupid thing I am just because of whats happened to me… I control my life NOT some old guy with a beard that sits on a cloud and plans each and every persons life to a T.

So as you can tell.. Im NOT a big fan of religion. Sure theres intresting things here and there about each one but whatever to each there own and I just outright dont believe in a lot of them. Anyways with that said.. When I found myself pregnant last year I decided I was gunna change all that. I started praying and going to church stopped swearing and did everything your supposed to to get in the good book until I had my miscarriage at 9 weeks… Now that some figment of peoples imaginations took my baby away for no reason I really dont believe in it at all. So tell me something.. If this all mighty powerful is so great.. Why did he take the only thing I care more about then my boyfriend away?

Answer #1

I’m not sure I believe in any one god or any thing of the sort and sometimes I do like to think that everything happens for a reason. I was talking to my mum and aunt the other week about this girl that my aunt teaches who tried to kill herself by lying down on the local train tracks but was found by a staff member. This sort of triggered a god/everything happens for a reason/spirituality conversation and all I could gather from the conversation is that we all have to believe in something. I believe that if you’re totally hopeless and have nothing to believe in, then there is nothing to get up for in the morning. I don’t know about god, or Allah or Budda or any of it but I think that there is a reason for everything. I cant justify the fact that your child was taken away from you when you wanted them so desperately and you tried so hard to make everything good for them and I cant spout any religious crap to you when I’m not even sure I believe in it myself but I can say that Maybe MAYBE there’s a reason this happened and maybe there’s something different set for you. I’m not trying to btch at you and I’m not trying to justify your loss or give you some stupid religious crp that wont help at all. I’m just trying to help you see a different side. I was recently diagnosed with depression and I know when things are so dark it’s hard to keep going and you have to have some reason. I don’t even know why I keep getting up in the morning but I know that If I didnt believe that things happen for a reason, at least some of the time I just wouldn’t get up. We all know the scientific reasons for things like these but sometimes science just isn’t enough and you need something more. I dont know if I helped at all but I hope I did and I really truly am sorry for your loss. If I lost a child I know I definitely wouldnt keep going so I really do admire your strength. I hope somehow, in some way you find yourself able to make peace with this awful situation and I hope things do turn out for the better.

Answer #2

I understand your reasons not to believe in God. I have a friend who is a great guy but says he’s an atheist. He claims to have read the bible twice and doesn’t like who God is.

Anyways, let me put it to you like this. One of the hardest things to do in this world is to be a christian. And just because you are a christian doesn’t mean that things are gonna be great. God never promises us a fantastic life, full of wealth, health, popularity, etc. God promises that he loves us, and that he will always be with us, to guide us, and the gift of eternal life once we pass from this world.

Why bad things happen, who knows? but God can use them to make things better.

If you are looking to God to make everything perfect in your life then you’ll never find it anywhere. Read the book of Job. Job was righteous is God’s eyes, and becasue of that God had blessed him with everything. But then God allowed for it all to be taken away. But Job never lost his faith and God rewarded him by giving him more than he had originally.

Answer #3

o ffs…you put non religious people to shame that typical q if god is real then why does this that etc happen..its not about bad luck… its the smiple fact we dont know if god exsists personally im an athiest and can back mine up with true evidence buti dont discriminate or q peoples beliefs so you shouldnt wine on and ask an immature q.

Answer #4

I never once said I believed in ‘god’. All I said was IF god was real why would he do something like that. Dont jump and assume things. You guys who assume things like I actually believed or whatnot should really learn how to read before you go running around answering other peoples questions

Answer #5

I just want to say I’m sorry for what happened and all those people going on about God and whatever,you believe what you want to believe. The world is tough place and stuff like this happens all the time and praying to whichever God you believe in doesn’t always help. The world works like that, and it’s a real shame. I can’t begin to imagine how you feel and I don’t want because it hurts, I ‘know. I lost my nan a while back and I cried for ages, but I got over it. Perhaps maybe yo can to.

It doesn’t matter what you believe in just as long as you feel it’s the right path for you. God isn’t always the answer

I wish you luck for the future.

Blessed Be


Answer #6

Are you sure God took your baby away? I don’t blame my parent for things that happen to me. He may have allowed it because the baby could’ve suffered more on earth than in heaven. Keep a positive outlook. Don’t blame. Just understand it happened for a reason. Your baby is safe in heaven.

Answer #7

I am so sorry for your loss - Only god knows the reasons - there’s no way for us to know and/or understand - over the years, among people that attend our church who have been very ill and prayed for, of course - for many the healing here never takes place but there are cases where they were completely and totally healed - proving He is still in the business of mending broken lives / curing disease - I know one who can show you x-rays of being eaten up with cancer - the next month new x-rays show not even a trace !! - Doctors were astounded - very real - as to why, we’ll have to ask Him when we stand before Him, as we all will - bottom line: mankind does not have the ‘big picture’…hope this helps.

Answer #8

The reason for your miscarriage could be to drugs if you did any, or traumatic movements or any tram tic event, stress, poor health, or your body just wasn’t ready.

If I were Christian I’ld agree with Jaybee I’m not however & should state that you need to stop taking your frustration o na figment of your imagination & let it go. I really don’t see the point of blaming something you claim not to believe in. If you blame him then you DO to believe in him.I kind of find it pathetic that you claim you didn’t believe in him, & yet you are willing to blame him for the loss of your child. It would seem as though you’re trying to make him out to be the bad guy for some reason. I don’t believe in God, meaning I don’t blame him for any event in my life, negative or positive. I don’t believe in any Gods nor do I worship any, or blame any for any misfortune or good event in my life, that’s what it means to truly NOT believe in a God. I think perhaps you need to do some self analyses & see what the root of these emotions might be, why you want to blame something you claim not real for something that happened to you. What was the reason that you turned to the bible when you were pregnant? Why did a miscarraige put an end to it? Why do you blame him yet claim he’s not real? Answer those & you might be a bit more at peace perhaps, or atleast more intune with yourself.

Answer #9

Well hunny I can answer that question!

You recieved a child with your boyfriend, thats awesome! God wants you to produce his children and fill his land with the love of a family and child. But are you married? How old are you? You never beileved in him before and now all of a sudden you get a child and its the work of the lord? Why were’nt you praising him before?

Hunny that was a test.

He gave you that child as a testament of his faith & he took it away to see if you were still gonna be faithful to him and you’re not. God is vengeful and he will take as fast as he gives.

everything that GOD does is a test of our faith & you failed miserably. Actually oyu know what I can’t say that, because you said GOD took your child away which gives me so hope and insight that you still believe and love him, you’re just forcing yourself not to.

Don’t turn your back on the one person who won’t do that to you.

Answer #10

I did everything I was planning on doing with the baby.. School.. Work… Getting a place of my own. No Im not married I was only 18 at the time but I still dont get why my friends 13 year old friend who smokes dope everyday and gets hammered everynight was able to have her little one perfectly and I couldnt even carry mine a full 3 months. I didnt mean for it to sound like I thought it was gods work that I was blessed but im not gunna lie I would REALLY like to blame him for losing it. I did everything I could. Ate properly. Slept. Cut back on my smoking. Exersized. Nothing I did was good enough to be able to keep it. I started doing religious things and whatnot so that they baby would grow up knowing that theres more to life then just its parents and family. My parents did the same thing with me and after a while I chose what to believe in on my own.

Answer #11

Well some would say that he did it because of your lack of faith, but I’m sure your resentment towards God really grew after the loss of your child and punishing the child for your actions/ thoughts would be unholy anyway. There is no real answer to this and as an atheist, I am not going to try and create one, lol. People will say everything happens for a reason, but sadly it is things like this that can’t really be answered for. So long as you ate right and took care of yourself, there is no divine excuse, it’s just something that happened. Sorry for your loss :(…

Answer #12

“God is vengeful and he will take as fast as he gives.”

lol that statement right there is why Christianity makes no since. If I were to say god gave me a gift you would go YES god is awesome and if we believe he treats us great and with love, what kind of person or thing that loves is also vengeful and would do what happened here? NONE! If there is a god, and if he is controlling things like that he does not deserve praise!

:,( I really am sorry to hear about this, as a pagan children are also important to me, and I would be desolated if this happened. Witch for me is a good chance my partner will miscarriage to.

Answer #13

he didnt, because he doesnt exist but the stress from you converting to a new religion and stressing and praying constantly could have actually killed the baby because stress can end up killing the baby

Answer #14

I dunno. Some things are just not meant to be, and apparently that was one of them, I am sorry to say.

Answer #15

things happen. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. but things happen.

Answer #16

Many very good people have had to go thru some very rough places in life. God never promised us a life without trials, he did, however, promise to be with us in the trials, if we continue to seek him.

I sincerely hope you do not throw your faith away, because of your loss. If you stay around, you will find many who have suffered great loss, yet, still serve him.

Everyone would serve him, if we had no difficulties to endure.

I pray that you find peace over this, and that you will at some point, return to where you were before this happened.

God be with you.

Answer #17

Excatly organ is right.

You guys say you don’t beileve in GOD or whatever but all of a sudden when something goes wrong GOD is to blame?

what kind of sense does that make. & ya’ll are asking for things but not putting anything in to reap the benefits.

you worship, give tithes & offerings, & live by the word to get the benefits of GOD’s love. Even people who are christians go through hard times, but like I said before those are tests of your faith.

GOD is wondering “Why is it that as soon as something great happens I’m not the one you thank, but as soon as something bad happens Its my fault? Suddenly I pop in your head? Why am I suddenly the person at fault?”

If you have bad things constantly happening to you, then you need to evaluate what yuor’e doing in life & don’t say your’e not doing anything because your doing something.

Warning comes before destruction, so GOD is always foreshadowing in someway what’s the consequence for something you do.

Answer #18

Way to pay attention to the title you idiots

Answer #19

Sorry about your loss. Random bad stuff just happens. There are no gods pulling the strings.

Answer #20

It was a random biological occurence. It is understandable that you wanted to believe that a god would protect your baby, but you had reasons not to believe in god before. Where are they now? Maybe your prayers weren’t answered because there really is no god.

Answer #21

aww love everything happens 4 the best I’ve had a hard life at home and studies and you know wht it all lead to me being with the 1 im supposed to be with till death {ameen}..have faith in your self.things happen 4 a reason u’ll make it thru every1 has their reason to ask th Lord 4 things and thank Him… ask and you shall receive in Islam it is said {don’t hv ani idea about other religons} that God loves you More then 90 he has sumthing plannd 4 u.. m really sorry 4 your loss..u better go to a psychologest and get things owta your head because its gnna hamper your future no offfence in ani way we here if you want advice k?? big hug!!!

Answer #22

Very sorry about your loss. I hope that you will find a way to deal with this. It is a deeply sad thing that happened…

Please, try to ignore the people who are judgmental. Their behaviour is shamefull and undignified.

As others said; random biological mishaps are part of life; nothing more than that. You are not punished by some grumpy god. You have suffered a real tragedy and must now find a way to live with it. I am sure that in time you will.

Talk to people that you can trust and who do not complicate things by dragging God in to this. You have enough to deal with right now.

All the best…!

Answer #23

crazyfunny I am sorry for your loss. I would like to tell you something about God.

First of all we are humans. Suppose you have a friend that has a track record of a bad behavior towards you then you will definitely have a dislike towards him/her. You might say, “I do not like him/her because he/she had behaved badly to me in the past.” But at the same time you cannot look at a stranger and say, “I do not like him because he/she is going to cheat me in the future.” We can only look at the past and we cannot see the future.

God is not like us. He exists outside of time. He can see the future. Now let us see an analogy. Suppose you have a friend. You one day suddenly saw the future and knew that this friend is going to get into a trouble and when he does you will not be in a position to help him. You also come to know that, he is the kind of person who, in such a situation will abandon your friendship and will badmouth you and curse you. Would you then associate with such a friend? No. You see that is the problem with knowing the future. So in this situation who is at fault? Your friend. If he was not a person who made such bad choices then you would associate with him and he would have got some help from you.

When you lost your child you abandoned God. God knew that you would do this. How then could he associate with you or help you? If you had a good relationship with Him may be He would have guided you away from conception in the first place. May be He would have postponed that event to a future date when it be safe for you to have a baby.

Therefore examine yourself. Have you been right before blaming God? Have you done the right things in life. Please analyze yourself. Have a good relationship with Jesus.

God Bless you

Answer #24

Im not gunna lie I never really had much of an intrest in ‘god ‘ while I was growing up because he forever seemed to be taking more then giving so yes I blame him for every bad thing thats happened to me. Hes the one whos supposed to be protecting us and keeping us happy all that crap and obviously hes doing a shitty job. I went back to religion like I said before so that my child would grow up with something to believe in besides mommy and daddy and thats that. I never did it for myself. I did it for my kid. Thex13thxchild.. You should really learn to read titles and whatnot before babbling on when you know I dont care. Thats that. Thank you everyone else who has given me different things to think about and now im actually concidering going back into a therapy to get this out of the way so I can start to get over it. I know ill always mourn for what could have been but like the majority of people keep saying.. It just wasnt ment to be just yet. I wanna put out there along with my speil of good things I was doing.. Drugs was NOT in there at all. I have NEVER done drugs in my life. So it couldnt have been drugs that did it. Onix.. What did you mean by the god loves you more then 90 mothers thing? I’ve never heard that before.

Answer #25

“Hes the one whos supposed to be protecting us and keeping us happy all that crap and obviously hes doing a shitty job. “

“Now that some figment of peoples imaginations took my baby away for no reason “

First of all, blaming every bad thing in life on God is a stupid thing to do. Secondly, if he’s a “figment of people’s imaginations”, how could he be responsible anyway?

Answer #26

God was testing u,fool.He wanted to see if you would bother doing all that even after your miscarriage. PPs-U said you control your life.How bout your miscarriage?Thats in the hands of God(according 2 me) Life is a test.Aceept it and move on or its your choice to stay where you r,blame the world for taking advantage on what they believe in,and yelling at them for believing in God.Go ahead.U’re free to make your choice.Everyone is.G’Luck.

Answer #27

Im not gunna lie I never really had much of an intrest in ‘god ‘ while I was growing up because he forever seemed to be taking more then giving so yes I blame him for every bad thing thats happened to me.

Is it that you did not have interest in God because He had been taking away from you OR has He been taking away because you were not interested in Him. That is what you have to analyze within yourself. Instead of “God was always like this to me” ask “How was I to God? Did I bother to be as God wanted me to be? Did I ever make an attempt to know the Lord’s will for me?”

Hes the one whos supposed to be protecting us and keeping us happy all that crap and obviously hes doing a shitty job.

That is a misunderstanding that it is God’s job to be taking care of everyone and keeping them happy. That is not His Job. People assume that God is supposed to take care of them and keep them happy while they treat him like dirt. That is not how it works. If He is our God we have to treat his as God.

Al that has happened has happened. At least now start looking at yourself. Accept Jesus as your Saviour and you will see the difference. If you think that things are bad with you in this life it will be worse in eternity. It is from disaster that Jesus wants to save us.

God Bless you

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