which car is better?

a honda fit or a ford focus?

Answer #1

haha well we decided on a honda civic

Answer #2

honda fit is better, better gas mileage, more reliable, easier to work on, imports can go up to 300,000 miles before you need to rebuild or swap motors, ford focus will take a shyt at about 180,000

Answer #3

LOL we have a car thing going in Australia, the FORD verse HOLDEN and your either with F or with H.

Im a holden chick so ill suggest Honda Fit, im assume its the same as our Honda Jazz??

Why drive a FORD (found on rubbish dump) when you can own a honda hheheehhe only joking :-P

Answer #4

Both good - compare: gas mileage / warranty length / standard equipment…Take care !!…remember Hyundai warranty is 10 years or 100,000 miles.

Answer #5

Buy AMERICAN! GO Ford! Hondas are something that I would like to someday buy, cut off the roof, and plant a tree inside.

Answer #6

Honda is a division of GM, tu_lokita. Few seem to know.

Answer #7

none…the best car quality you can get is a chevy…but out of those???a honda fit uses less gas…if that helps??

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