How Can I get better gas milage?

I drive a 1993 Ford ranger with a whopping 17 miles to the gallon. I see on TV all the time ads for these commercials for these big trucks and SUVs that get way better gas milage then my little truck :( is there anything I can do to get better gas milage? For the record it’s a 5-speed if that helps my answers at all. Yay 5-speed! Any answers help thank you!

Answer #1

17 mpg? a 5-speed ranger? Must be a 4.0 v-6. not much you can do there. if you get a 2.3 liter 4 cylander, 4-speed you can get up to 32 mpg. park that one buy another one and keep this old one for parts.

Answer #2

Yeah I deffinately don’t drive like the typical 17-yr-old. For example, I’m the guy in the farthest right lane that people go around. Seriously. Yeah, I know, hard to believe but I’m not lying. I’m a bit of a nervous driver. So that could be helping my gas milage. I do love my truck though <3 But I love my girlfriend more though lol

Answer #3


I see you are 17 years old. That’s a kewl truck, by the way. First piece of advice – do not drive like a typical 17-year-old. Grandmas usually get better mpg than 17-year-old boys because, well, they drive like grandmas.

You already have an advantage because you’re driving a five-speed. That helps.

Keep your tires operating at the recommended air pressure; other than that, keep your car serviced regularly – air filter, oil changes, etc.

All that being said, 17 mpg is probably a fair mpg to have on a V-6 engine of that age.

Answer #4

try to find a gas station with ethanol free gas. you will get better gas mileage trust me. you’ll get like maybe 3-7 more miles to a gallon. its not much I know but it adds up.

Answer #5

Yeah service it, that means new oil, oil filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, leads, air filter and consider a new distributor cap and rotor arm if they’re worn.

Answer #6

The life of your engine is changing the oil and keeping your vehicle in tuned up, tip top shape.

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