What are the dangers of buying used car tires?

I can’t afford new ones at the moment.

Answer #1

dangers are not knowing the exact miles put on them. not knowing how long they’ll last.

Answer #2

there arent any dangers as such with part worn but ive had mates pulled over by the police with part worns on and he got an on teh spot fine for driving with unevenly worn tyres which could have caused an accident

Answer #3

not knowing what could be wrong with it..just look for one with low miles and have a mechanic check it out…i had my used car for over 4 yrs…good luck. stay away from used chrystlers and dodge. chevy is the best used cars to buy and the cheapest to get fixed

Answer #4

sorry i misread i thought u said used cars

Answer #5

You can buy used tyres, just make sure you have them properly fitted and balanced by a mechanic. Make sure they have enough tread on them to pass a warrent.

Answer #6

Dry Rotting are the main dangers. Make sure they are good and they have enough threads. The best used tires to buy are the ones that people trade in when they buy a new car and trade them in for bigger tires. They are a little cheaper and maybe have less than 10 miles on them.

Answer #7

Thanks. They only had two on the size I wanted, so I just put them in the front and will get new ones later.

Answer #8

Is cool! You are just a fast reader. :)

Answer #9

If you want to buy used tires the best way is to go to a shop that sells them. They are slightly higher than a junk yard but they also have more liability than a junk yard too. tatasafari

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