Why is my dad like this, please read?

Everytime I argue with him, I happen to to lose it and say the wrong things like I blank out & have no control of myself anymore, and he'll punch me in the face with a closed fist or tackle me down and start going at it with me, he's 6'1 and 260 pounds. He recently he broke my ankle cause he attacked me & put his whole weight on my body while punching me and I had to call the cops & ambulance to take me to the hospital cause I couldn't even walk. I tried calling the cops so many times on him because he's put his hands on me so many times but I never had evidence or neither did my family at home backed me up, and when I did have evidence, they still didn't do anything about it. One time at Knotts, he got in my face out of nowhere arguing and I had pushed him away from me, and then he kicked me and strangled me infront of other people there, and nobody didn't do anything about it to help me, I remember some teenage girls laughing at me and I cry to this day about it. And he always yells for things aren't even worth yelling about and always argues, if I try to talk back, he'll threaten me or my brother saying he will f*ck us up. And when we were younger, he had beat the heck out of me & brother, I remeber when I broke the piece of the bed but I didn't want to confess because I was so frightened to get hit by my dad, I was only 10 so he totured both of us until one of us confessed and even threw my brother against the bed and gave him a purple back & broke wood on him. And one time my mom got mad because I had a boyfriend at 12 and I had kissed him, and she called me a slut & told my dad so he started calling me names, and beating me up on the ground in his room, and said "you don't even know how to whipe your fucking ass and you want a boyfriend" and just kept smacking me in the face so I snucked out to my boyfriend what happended and when I came back, he dragged me out of the house and started punching me hard on the floor & told me to get the fuck out and leave.And one time I ranway from home because it was just nonstop fighting, and when he found me, he picked me up, and then on the way home, he pulled me by the hair out of nowhere and drag me out of the car to the floor outside and started punching me with a closed fist in the face nonstop and even banged my head against the floor infront of these apartments with people watching. I remember he tried cutting my hair too, and always threatened that he will shave it off. He's just so mean to me, and has anger issues, I'm on crutches because he doesn't know how to control his anger, I blew up on his face and told him how a horrible dad he was and how I'm tired of his anger issues, and always being a drag to everything, and he just went attacked me on the ground & started punching me and banging my head against the ground, and he had put his whole weight & I was on the wrong postion on my leg so I told him to get off cause I can feel my ankle crack and he didn't, he just kept going so as soo I got up, I couldn't walk , I had to hop all the way to my room and call an ambulance. I just always wonder if it's anything is wrong with him. I'm trying to explain every detail I can but it's just too much, I even crying typing it all. This is not even all of the incidents, but he's hit me and put his hand on me a lot of times, not for no reason, but out of his anger and he goes overboard with it. I'm 16 and I don't even think he should even lay a hand on me, the cops never do anything, and my mom always defends him everytime I make the call, and makes me come off as the bad daughter just because I've made mistakes in the past and she's scared for him to get arrested, cause we might lose money and not have a house but that shouldn't be the concern, my mom knows how my dad is and just lets him be. I don't even care that I'm writing too much personal stuff on here, I just want to know what's wrong with my dad, why is he like this, why does he get so angry and why does have all these issues? I don't think a parent should put their hands on a child at all, maybe when their little, give them a spank on the butt but to hit your child or teeanger with a closed fist isn't right at all, it will screw up your child and they might not ever forgive you for that. I tried fighting back when my dad hits me, but he's just too big and tall, and it's sad that my mom watches the whole time, and she'll cry and tell him to stop, she obviously knows it's wrong but she doesn't do everything to make the family work out. Im tired of my dad, and he's dead to me at this point. I dont think anyone would be able to answer this question unless they have been in my shoes and knows what its like. so if you do, feel free to pour your heart out, if not then dont even bother at all.

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Amanda this is insane what your going through I know calling the cops doesn't do shit and when it comes to u dad I feel as tho maybe just maybe something happened to him as a child that caused him to become like this ... What you have to do an listen good what you have to do is call child protective services if u need me to I'll get the number for you and your brother have to get out of there ur dad one of these days might kill one of you on accident there's only so much the human body can take what u have to do is save up some money and take a train or a few buses to somewhere far where u know someone that u can trust won't let ur father know that your there if u can take ur brother if not u have to go get help and have them go and get him. But u can't under any circumstance stay in that home or near ur father. If u need any help at all I can help just tell me message me or anything I know how much it hurts and I know how difficult it is to understand why he's doin what he's doing but u have to get out of there

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personally i feel as though your dad has a lot going on but there is absolutely NO reason in HELL for him to EVER touch you in those manners...I agree w/ kitty monster...you and your brother need to leave as soon as possible!!! and as far as your mother she is only scared of what he may do to her for helping you guys out!!! But do not put up with it...your worth way more than that and as long as you stick around you'll do nothing but come up with reasons to accept these actions!!! Now sometimes children services arent the best places to be but in your situation anywhere is better than there!!! my mother took in a boy at birth for the same reasons except there were 7 children being neglected and abused...long story short eventually all the children were removed and the parents had to spend time in prison...mom too...just because she didnt help protect her children and as a mother i feel as though every child should have their mother (and father) as their protector!!! it just disgust me reading this!!! knowing that people in this world are so afraid to stand up for whats right especially like when you were in public!!! GOOD thing i wasnt around because i would have been sitting in jail for taking action!!! (just thought id give u a bit of a laugh!!) but in all honesty take care of yourself and put your life first!!! your a B-E-A-utiful woman in the making.... don't let your parents ruin your future with your present because not everyone will let you down in this world...they are only making it harder for you to trust people!!! LIVE LOVE AND FORGIVE BUT NEVER EVER FORGET LEARN FROM THOSE EXPERIENCES AND MAKE A BETTER LIFE FOR YOURSELF AS WELL AS YOUR BROTHER HE REALLY NEEDS YOU TOO!!!

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