Could you Please Help me start off my story?

Ok. So there’s this girl in the story, and she falls in love with a singer from a band…

But like, I’m having this HUGE writing block, and I don’t even know how to start out my story! Like how are they going to meet? What is the girl doing right at the beginning of the story?

Like stuff like that I really need some advice on =[

Thanks everybody.

Answer #1

hmm ohh! maybe she could be at the front row of a concert and the moment they meet eyes he stops playing…you could go from there?

hope I helped!

Answer #2

start off by saying they bumb in to each other and her art fell and he helped her picked them up..blah..blah..etc, than he noticed she has the same passionate as him..I don’t know something like that..srry if I didn’t help…

Answer #3

hmm she gets dragged there by a friend who was planning on going with her boyfriend but at the last minute the boyfriend brakes up with her. So the girl, being the good friend that she is goes with her heartbroken buddy. When she gets there she looses her friend in the crowd and plans on going in the lobby so she can call her friend but just as she’s about to leave, she hears his voice and she turns around…It is the most beautiful voice she ever heard and becomes abnormally attatched to it. At all costs, she must meet the man with the voice like honey.

Good Luck Sorry I got so into detail

Answer #4

Perhaps you could do it where they do like a spotlight search and the spotlight stops on her and the guy notices her and stops playing. he motions for her to come onto the stage, and the band never planned that. He asks her name, and she tells him. For a moment, the crowd goes silent as they stare into each other’s eyes. Slowly, the crowd starts to dissappear as the boy & girl stare deeper into each other’s eyes. The girl closes her eyes, as if to stop the gaze that seems to keep her hyphotized, but she is unsuccessful. Her heart starts pounding, and she prays that the boy isn’t hearing it. The thumping of her heart gets faster and faster as if it were to stop at any moment. She opens her eyes to find the boy still gazing at her, but the band is now getting angry. The band ends the concert early, angry at their lead singer. As they exit their stage, they begin to take their fury out on the boy. They tell him that he either needs to leave the girl that he has just fallen in love with or he won’t have a band. So he tells the band that he will stop seeing her and this breaks the girl’s heart. She begins to run away, but he lies and says he’s going to his dressing room, taking one final look at the girl, his eyes trying to say “please…please meet me in my dressing room. I can’t live without you.” However, her back is turned, so she doesn’t see. The girl is almost out the door, and he begins to run after her, saying things louder to make the band think he’s saying goodbye, but really he’s giving her his number. And thus the plot begins; a tale of forbidden love.

Answer #5

“Gretchen cracked red-rimmed eyes caked shut with grime and saw the broken bottles and unidentifiable puddles of the club floor. Her face lay in something sticky that she didn’t want to contemplate. Beneath her, something hard jabbed sharply into her rib cage. Slowly pulling herself onto her elbows, fighting to think through a lingering fog of cheap beer, she swore she could feel her bones grinding within their sockets. She appeared to be alone in the club, abandoned or forgotten or both, and considering the state of her appearance, she was glad no eyes were on her. ‘When I find that singer,’ she thought, ‘I’m going to gut him like a fish.”

And then, you know, she finds him, they fight, they love. Passion!

Answer #6

hmm I don’t know but it sounds like its gunna be really cute.

Could start out a really lonley girl, struggling to find happiness but shes unsucessful. She pops in a bar all depressed and such and one glance at the singer in a band thats playing there sends waves of happiness through her body, but she realizes sadly that she could never get him to be hers.
Nevertheless she returns to the bar for the next several nights in hopes of seeing him again, but her efforts result in failure. After walking home from one of these such excursions, she gets harrassed by a group of creepy people. But the man of her dreams drives by just in time to save her.

I don’t know kinda sounds mediocre but I tried.

Answer #7

How about this one?

The singer is not a very famous person but rather he is with a top 40 band on the local lounge circuit. Even though he is not famous, he still gets flirted with by a lot of women but he doesn’t want them because he is so stressed out about his sister who is in the hospital recieving treatment for a medical problem.

He meets a female college student whose father is undergoing the same treatment as the singer’s daughter. The two become friends and come up with a plan to try to make more money to help with the medical bills by increasing the singer’s fame with the release of an album of all origional songs that she writes for him.

She becomes his manager/publicist/songwriter and they share the adventure of trying to gain a little fame and a little cash for the sake of their loved ones and fall in love along the way.

You could start it out something like this:

Chapter One: The Heartbeat

The percussion of the drums pulsed through his body as if he had a giant heart beating in his chest. The monitors were so loud that he could literally feel the noise like a wave splashing over him. In his ears were special sound reducing earpieces that made it possible for him to isolate his own voice out of the massive wall of sound that was a concert. His band, his brothers in arms, stood behind him crafting a sonic platform for him to deliver his songs on.

He loved this feeling, the music shaking him, invigorating him, washing his troubles away for the next few hours. Or so he thought…..

See you on the Hallmark channel. lol

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