Who can help me with my story?(another part...ANSWER PLEASE!)?

This part is, the father(or possible father if I go with someones idea)of this girls baby is an A-hole and he doesn’t really care but he is going to change…how should he change?(I’m not so good with some parts)

Answer #1

Maybe he runs into someone with a sad story about a dad who didn’t care.

Maybe he is not really a-hole, but he’s behaving like one because he’s totally overstrained with the situation and he wanted to scare everyone, everything and all problems away.

Answer #2

Perhaps he doesnt care because he comes from a bad family himself. Maybe his father was abusive in the past, or his mother was an alcoholic, or his dad left and his stepdad was an a-hole…somethign triggered him to be the way he is. If he gets a chance to confront his past, he may be able to realize what it did to him and decide that he doesnt want that life for his child.

Answer #3

he could change as soon as he sees the baby. or if thats too late, then the sonogram. and he could like have this suggen realization of things.

Answer #4

a dog ran a way and its pregnent with her pupies and they were so happy to find her and she never ran away again thats all I could think of hope it works

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