Can one of you guys help me with my vamp story?

I need ideas on how the vamps got changed. There are a family of vamps. Like six of them. Can you help me please?!?!

Answer #1

With a vamp story? what do u want the theme to be? More specific please :)

Answer #2

maybe something in the well or water supply or maybe some vampire fleas got into their beds. or they could have been attacked by vampires

Answer #3

or maybe they chose to because they wanted to live for ever.

Answer #4

I’d love too, it just depends on the plot! :D please funmail me, and be more specific. <3

Answer #5

Idk just d something fun and simple, but if you preferr more excitment then idk :P

Answer #6

magic. (i know it’s vague but so is your question)

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