Is there any way to teach myself to swim?

I’ve grown up in a city with no pools, lakes, or oceans. And I was too poor to go to those little kid swimming classes. So I never learned how to swim and im now 15 years old and I really need to learn because its bothering me. All my friends always ask me to go swimming with them and I get all embarrassed because I cant swim. And I really wish that I could teach myself to swim because no one will teach me and I dont have the cash to get someone to teach me. What I dont understand is how people can just jump into a deep end of the pool and float. Like…woah. I’ve jumped into the deep end but then I have to grab on to the edge of the pool you know? I cant just float there. How do you do that? Whenever I try I sink. Like, is it because im nervous? I don’t know. Please help me learn!!!

Answer #1

just get in the water and start moving! But don’t panic. There is really nothing to it. I learned when I was little because I lived on the bay and my dad would throw me in the water. lol No joke!

Answer #2

First of all, if you have a local YMCA, they can teach you how to swim.

Yes, you are right, the reason that you can’t float is because you are nervous and scared. Relax and you can even hold on to the side of the pool with one arm and practice that way until you feel comfortable and just let go. The key is to relax and remember, the worse that could happen is that you could go under but just hold your breath. You must know how to go under water first.

Most guys can’t do it but girls can do it easily. At first, you will feel like your head is going to go under, but it won’t. Your ears may go under but that’s all.

A good way to practice is to hold onto the side of the pool with both hands extended back, as if you were going to lay down, Then gradually release your arms.

I taught myself to swim by trying it in the shallow part of the pool. If you aren’t afraid to hold your breath and go under, you should be able to do it. Try the dog paddle or the swan by kicking your feet and legs and moving your arms like a graceful swan or do like a frog would do. Just push yourself off from one side of the pool and try it.

I would dump those friends of yours if they won’t help you learn how to swim and you can always take lessons.

But you must be able to go under water and you have to relax and stay in the shallow part until you learn how to swim or float. It would be great if you could get someone to help you though (someone that you trust).

Answer #3

of korse you kann! float ! hold on the side of the pool and learn to kick ; thenn we you are able to kick and float learn to move your arms ..! there are many styles in swimming freestyle is the most common one .. swimming isnt hard I done it all my life.

Answer #4

for starters floating is key, if your super skinney its hard, or if you have a lot of muscle you will sink, so in that case get a water noodle, but to float you have to be totally relaxed, just pretend like your dead, and you will float, and once you get that down start mowing your arms and feet and whalaa basics of swimming, good luck, btw I didnt learn to swim till I was 13 ;)

Answer #5

Check out this swim info site:

Answer #6

If you can afford it now then I would take lessons cause it’s worth the money but if you can’t then get someone like a friend who can swim to take you out swimming like every weekend and teach you.

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