What would be the best way for an adult who doesn't know how to swim to learn?

Yes, im 25 years old and i can not swim. My mother almost drowned as a teen and had an insane fear of water so as a kid we never went around pools and i never learned. I would really like to learn soon since i have children of my own now and i want to be able to swim for when we take them near pools for safety reasons. Do they have adult swim lessons? Is it worth the money?

Answer #1

go to the pool its better then the beach and ask for a lifeguard or a friend to teach.. :] or swimming lessons

Answer #2

not sure about adult swim lessons but hitting the beach with the hubby is the best idea, salt water is easier to swim in, the swimming pool will just get you tired very quickly and you wont really learn anything from those 10 minutes of thrashing about

the key is relaxing, probably start with just lying on your back and try to float in the water first, just to get the hang of the feeling… then small breast strokes etc.

remember youll learn faster on sea water ;)

Answer #3

before you really hi9t the sea water I think you should learn how to “float” yourself. Hold your hands by the pool edge and try to lift your legs, start moving your legs up and down… the next step is to learn to sink your head down to water with your eyes open, and go to the surface to take the air from your mouth.. I failed in this part.

Answer #4

Give the person a diving mask, a pair of flippers and snorkel so he/she can lie on top on the water floating around. I learned how to swim underwater before I swam for real :) And fith flippers it’s much more easy to keep yourself high in the water as well.

Answer #5

u have to make sure that there are people u trust helping you, this way you will be more confident, go somewhere there are alot of ppl, for safety u should start by just getting use to the water, after about 30 mins of just getting use to it, start by using your arms like an ice cream scoop scooping the water and then kick your leg up and down kinda my mum learmt to swim at 40 >< she isnt that good but can do it :) just take it slow and try your best, no one os judging you and its not a competition :)

Answer #6

Have Your Husband Teach You.. Ask A Lifeguard.. Start Out Slow.. Don’t Rush.. Find Someone Who Has Patience. Learn To Float On Your Back.

Answer #7

that’s exactly it..I’m 17 and i didn’t know how to swim until the past summer because of my boyfriend and I’m still not fantastic…going with your husband is the best idea because you ill be relaxed around him and it ill be easier to learn.

Answer #8

I have a friend who learned to swim at only age 15 with adult swim lessons (in my culture swimming is like walking, it is really rare for anyone not to be able to do it and he learned later for similar reasons). It worked a lot and he can now swim very well. Also make sure that you swim with friends and your fiance a lot. Having people around you makes it fun and should help you alot with your confidence.

Answer #9

Uh yeah, I’d go to the pool first. The ocean has currents and strong waves that are not entirely predictable. As much as I love swimming in the ocean, that’s not generally the first place most people learn. There are adult swim lessons, probably your best bet. First thing to learn is to float. So have someone with you teach you how to paddle. And while getting your head under water is the next step as sri setiyowati pointed out, my mother never got to it either and she still swims everyday (I still find it completely weird).

Answer #10

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