How can i become cool?

How can I become cool? I've tried everything but people still call me: kid. any advice?

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maybe I should, thanks for the advice, your right stephanief987, I should be myself, question closed

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why do you care just be yourself

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How about not caring what people say and be yourself.
Who the hell wants to be "cool" anyways??

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dont try and be someone your not just be who you are and make friends who like you for that.

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Just be yourself.

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maybe its time to do things for yourself and not for other people..

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Here is how you become "cool". Get busy !! Learn a lot in classes that interest you. Get jobs, make as much money as possible. Buy cool clothes and car. Be good to all your friends, and nice to everyone , even if they don't deserve it. Be independent. Go on cool trips, enjoy yourself, seeing the world as much as you can, even if it's just a movie or a museam in the town next to you...whatever you can afford. Start cool hobbies, like playing a musical instrument, join a drama club and act in plays, learn to paint, or work on cars, or volunteer to help animals at a shelter or rescue. Send money to starving children. Adopt a pet, and train it and teach it tricks. Study religion, and politics so you are not a dummy and you can talk to everyone... read the paper, watch the news, so you know what's going on. Have lots of hobbies, help lots of people. Join clubs. Get a good vocabulary, and speak well. Don't put other people down...instead , be the one who always has something kind to say. Then you'll be so cool, everyone will want to be your friend.

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