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Okay, My little cousins coming over soon and I need something cool to say. I know someone who whenever you say something with 'we' in it, he says 'whats this we sh*t white man?' so, I need something cool and funny to say because its awesome then I start a trend because she goes home and says it to her friends and so on.

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you should rely on other people becouse people from different regions think different things are funny such I have a mate in cumbria who thinks sayin ii insted of hello is cool so as you can see people have different ideas of funny things. o I and finally I think most things of ali g are funny

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hello rhinestone watever, she wants 2 entertain her cousin! loser. anyways,,, um I'm not sure, my phrase is krapers...they taste like cheese. haha I have no life. but yeah :) goodluck

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wait your relying on your little cousin 4 friends? well I dont think you shud act very differen then urself. people shud like you 4 who you are not because you used a frickn phrase

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yer just a little wee hard man cutin th cheese eh! < you should use that its quite funny where live:)

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oh, hmmm, yeah I like to have specific things that I always say too. something I always say is "for serious?" haha.

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