Confused how I came out postive for cocaine if I dont do it

I took a drug test and came out postive for cocaine but the thing with that is I dont do that stuff so just wondering if you could get a postive reading by touching it cause I’ve been killing myself by asking myself how this could happen but it wasnt for a long time I was holding it im scared cause they want to take away my kids now I was thinking to do a hair test but would it also come out postive if I touched it

Answer #1

Yeah I know this scenario well. It was because you where holding it & at the same time probably sweating. What you tell the authorities is that someone tried to Mick you & put in your drink without your knowledge,this is how you ingested it unknowingly. However youd be more than willing to take another test because your not a drug addict. When you retest you get negative & your good.

Answer #2

coce seeps into your skin on contact so yea it wud be there, and im so so sorry, hope you get out of this ok, btw your kids are lovely. :)

Answer #3

I’m thinking that if you ‘touched’ cocaine, you were handling it and may have breathed it in. Also, were you doing other drugs that may be similar and so would show up as a positive hit.

You won’t have to think back too far because after about 4 days cocaine is out of your blood - although not your hair.

Good Luck!!

p.s. - if anyone has a drug problem, they will probably need help to get off. AA, MA, NA all can help. I’m just saying…

Answer #4

yea holding it then it will seep into your skin I am sooo sorry yer kids are soo kute!=]

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