How to stop thinking about cocaine?

im 15 and addicted to cocaine I used to do it every day like I would stay up for like 5 days at a time I did it in the bathroom at work before and now I f*cking want it soo bad I havnt done it for a couple months but everyday I think about it and I dont know what to do

p.s dont start doing drugs they will ruin your life

Answer #1

You absolutely MUST join NA (narcotics Anonymous) AND GET A SPONSER. If you don’t you will absolutely slide back or find another addiction. There are quite a few in your city. If you can’t find one go to AA (alcoholics anonymous) and they will get you there.

Do this now or you are going to die.

Good Luck!!

Answer #2

just stay busy, join a gym, go whenever you want it. and work out for a couple of hours then you will be to tired to do. you will just want to go to slepp. take it day by day! you can do just stay busy get new friends that dont do it. thats the hardest part, you think those people are your friends but they just like party with you I know. I had to do all these thingd my self! good luck, trust in your self that you can do it. and keep saying thats not the kind of person I want to be.

Answer #3

The only thing I suggest is that you seek a counselor right away And if your friends do it, don’t hang around them while they are because it will obviously just make you want it more. Congrads on the 2 months though, you can do it.

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