How can I pass a drug test for cocaine withouta detox kit ?

How can I pass a drug test for crack cocaine if I without a detox kit? I didnt smoke a lot and I dont smoke it often.

Answer #1

How about trying not to smoke it at all. Talk about throwing away your life.

Answer #2

How can I pass a drug test for cocaine withouta detox kit ?

By not smoking crack/cocaine. Seriously I hope you don’t pass, you need help. Cocaine is extremely dangerous and not something that should even pass your lips.

Answer #3

if your not a FREQUENT user aka CRACKHEAD it only takes about a week to get out of your system but if you use it a lot then take a 12-16oz cup of water and a cap of bleach use the 2nd pee after you drink the water

Answer #4

They don’t test for drugs, dude no detox kit is going to work for you. What the lab tests for is the metabolite of cocaine. Which in this case is benzoylecgonine. The metabolite will stay in your system for about 30 days for a frequent user, by then the drug itself will be long gone. I agree with ifeelcrazy, cocaine can turn into a serious issue, its not going to help you at all by trying to get around a test.

Answer #5

Unforgetable…are you suggesting this person drinks bleach? Only a bloody idiot would drink bleach. Coke will take a week to come out your system but about a decade to get over the negative effect on your personality. You will forget how to have fun without it and become an arse hole. I speak from personal experience.

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