Drug test for job and did cocaine

Is 4 days long enough for coccaine to come out of my system? Please I understand everyone just wants to help but I dont want to hear “dont do drugs and you wont have to worry” obviously its too late for that so please, no judgment:)

Answer #1

takes 2-3 days for cocaine to clear

Answer #2

go to the grocery store and buy that powder stuff you make jelly with I don’t know what its called, but that works rellly good my friend was on coke and she was taking a drug test and took that 2 hrs before she had to and it came out soo clear.. orr take a lott of water pills, that cleans out your system pretty good but it takes a few days…

good luck

Answer #3

I got detox stuff from the chemist, just normal stuff that people use to get yucky stuff out I did it, its gross but it works

hope this helped

Answer #4

I’m not 100% sure, but I believe it takes 3-7 days, depending upon your percentage of body fat, for all hard drugs (I.e. cocaine, meth, ecstasy, etc.) to clear out of your system…it’s marijuana that can take a month or longer to clear out of your system. Now if they aren’t performing a pee test, but a hair follicle drug test, than there is no sure fire way to completely get rid of the drug..you’d have to stop taking the drug for years to come up with a negative drug test.

Answer #5

honestly 4 day’s is pushing it, its suppose to be out of your system in 3 days. So its going to be a close call

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