What's the best way to chip through 6 inches of concrete?

We have a burst pipe we need fixed, and I don’t know what they were thinking when they built this house, but we have to chip through 6 inches of concrete to get to it. We tried using a cement chipper, but two bits broke already. Is there some trick or tool that can make the job easier?

Answer #1

Rent a jack hammer if u can

Answer #2

I was hoping for a less expensive method…renting a jackhammer is really pricey

Answer #3

My first choice was the concrete chipper but u have allready tried that and failed, I know the jack hammer isn’t cheap at all

Answer #4

What about a drill? The heavy duty ones with the spiral bit

Answer #5

There really isn’t much you can do. There are only a few options, and none of them are cheap.

[1] Hire someone to do it for you. [2] Rent/buy an electric jackhammer. [3] Rent/buy a masonry chisel.

Answer #6

if you know someone with an sds drill (the ones they use for drilling holes for cables in your house) they tend to work as mini jackhammers …. you might be able to borrow one from a friend as they are more common than jackhammers :P


Answer #7

well my dad has worked with concrete before and all he needed was a heavy hammer and a chisel, but that was truly hard labor and it takes a bit of time if you dont know how….

or hire a worker, he should have the tools needed…. and i dont think itll cost much to open one hole in the wall

Answer #8

I’ve worked with stuff like that, and there is no easy way out. A big powerful HILTI drill will do it, but it’s hard, heavy and dirty. Remember to use safety goggles!

Answer #9

ok hold on, where exactly is this concrete that needs to be removed colleen?

people are telling you to chisel or jackhammer through, good god if its part of the house structure do you have any idea how dangerous that can be :|

it could take 1 week to show signs of being unstable, could be 1 year, 10, 20, doesnt matter…

i need 3 pics: 1 so i can see the whole side, another about 50% further forward and one very close to the exact position and if you want do a model thing with your hands pointing to the exact spot and put that chipper away youve already started with and more away from teh tool.

Answer #10

Grab a drill and make pressure points in it, then use a hammer to hit it.

  O<-----hit this hole


Answer #11

The pipes run under the basement floor, so we’re aren’t cutting through the walls.

Answer #12

oh i thought you we’re going through vertically at teh side of the house..

can tell english brickies didnt teach canadians how to build houses.

you still dont use a jackhammer youre gonna make a right mess of the floor.

how far is their between the surface opposite of the 6’ concrete and the pipes?

this is what id do… id industrial circular saw [the type that cus solid steel like butter] a nice neat foot ft2 - fix the pipe - saw some temp struts of wood but id prefer steel a few cm bigger than the underside of the concrete and hammer them into the floor, 4 on each corner - level them nice and plum and compress as necessary - get yourself some ready mixed compo and relay that nice neat piece of concrete you cut out earlier..

if you really wanna try your luck you could try making like a bottom half of a table and instead of using compo just rest the concrete on top of the struts, dont forget the struts now have added support and when you tip the mixed concrete down the joints it wont fall down and back onto the pipes. youd need low stone conctrte.

i dont like a mess.

Answer #13

…can you do this for me? lol…..what a job.

Answer #14

i would if i lived close lol

i think a person knowing what their doing its a 4ish hour job.

i think you and your fella if you take your time and dont rush could have it done within 2 days, easy. the longest parts will be teh cutting out and getting teh struts plum. might even be worth thinking about concreting the struts into teh soil.

i wouldnt recommend chiseling or jackhammering but if you do do it this way youd need to support the whole underside of teh concrete if you wanted to refill with concrete.

i think id use a sheet of steel held on with compo and to get some power from under it id drill some small holes in the steel and use the drill bits that are bent as hooks to pull the steel up to the underside of teh concrete and hold it there for an hour then when teh quick setting compo has set undo teh bit the drill and let them fall down the hole.

leave it overnight and refill with concrete in the morning and smooth over with a plasteres trowl.

whether we were building an estate or just 2 houses we would always build manholes for quick access to the pipes incase they did break down the line lol

Answer #15

There are Jackhammers that are small and inexpensive to rent. Should be able to rent one from a normal store that rents drills. Used to work in a rental store and we had one “Makita” and it used to rent for about USD$20 a day. Should not take you longer than that and it runs on 110V current so you dont need to worry about hoses or gas or compressors. Please be sure to wear safety goggles and depending on how long you use it, wear some gloves too. And most of all, have fun.

Answer #16

drill several 1 inch holes on either side of the pipe in the cement, take a large sledge hammer and have fun. the more holes you drill the less you have to use the hammer.

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