What's the best way to get rid of a mouse in the house?

What’s the best way to get rid of a mouse in the house. I think I only have one, but when there is one there is usually more. Im deathly afraid of mice so what trap method should I use. Will putting poisen around the house have the mice dropping dead in the middle of the floor. Please help, I’m getting more and more paranoid with them.

Answer #1

One method you could try….get a trash can set it beside a desk or chair of the same height….place a board across the span (with the board extended to the middle of the can)….place some food on the edge that extends over the can…..the mouse will crawl across the board to the food, but his weight will cause the board to tilt downward and he will fall into the can….he will be unable to climb out, he’s trapped !!…now get ‘Superhero’ to dispose of same !! LOL….Good Luck !!….no poision involved !

Answer #2

electric devices don’t work!

Oh yes they do. “Electric mouse traps” do.

Answer #3

electric devices don’t work! get a dog or use poison but put it behind refrigerators or stoves or way up high (this last will not work if you have a cat because they can get at it)make sure the poison is back far enough so only the mice can get to it. they will be gone in no time

Answer #4

I have discovered for the second time this year that i have mice. I use peanut butter on a wooden mouse trap. I will also be purchasing the electronic device to keep the mice away. Hopefully this will work. I just watched the new movie Ratotoulli and it freaks me out. Can’t get the imagine out of my mind of hundreds of mice?rats in the house.

Answer #5

I would use some sort of trap. If you put poison out they could die in your wall or something and then stink up the house… not very pleasant.

Moth balls might drive it away if you know where it is living.

Don’t be afraid of mice, they’re way more afraid of you - who is 50 times bigger than them.

Answer #6

Get a cat.

Answer #7
  • or borrow a cat.
Answer #8

What section of the store do you find cinnamon or peppermint oil ?

Answer #9

Everyone keeps saying get a cat. Actually, dogs are better at getting mice than cats…ever heard of a rat terrier?!? Also the poison D-Con works super super well and it kills by dehydration so it also prevents the smell just in case they die in the wall or something. They come in ready-to-go individual packs so you just open the top, set it in the right place and watch the mice disappear! But be warned to keep pets and children away because it will severly hurt if not kill them. Oh then get some expanding spray foam to close the hole they got in from and you’ll be good to go. Good luck!

Answer #10

No..I’ve had a dog for almost 10 years now..since she was a puppy..she caught maybe 1 mouse lol. When our neighbors redid their home…their mice swarmed to our house unforntunately. We tried all methods..but we couldnt keep down poison because we had a puppy..so eventually we got a kitten. Within 3 weeks..the mice were gone. I mean I havent seen 1 mouse in about a year. GET A CAT!! lol.

Answer #11

theres this thing iv seen on tv that plays a frewuency the mice hate all you have to do is plug it into a wall.. problem is i forgot wot it was called :( sry but try to find out about it, the next best thing is poison but i dno abt if the mice will jst drop dead i think they just leave cuz iv never seen a dead mouse near the house since we put the poison out

Answer #12

The mice do not like ‘peppermint oil’ nor ‘cinnamine oil’ . It will run them off in a heartbeat. You can get it at the grocery store, it’s not expensive. Just place it on cottonballs around your house, under sinks, in closets,basement,garage. You can even poor it along your doorjams that lead to outside.

Answer #13

I’d use a mousetrap. The simplest device you need. :P

Answer #14

Plastic file sheets (or some people call plastic wallets.)and Tack- Tick mouse glue. I caught 4 in a row just by applying this method, I was sooo happy!

Right! Get the glue (it’s cheap)and spread it all over the plasic file sheets. You then place it on the surface the little pest runs about. They are decieved from what is the real surface to the plastic file sheet and drown in the glue but you do not kill them. Get a bag or gloves to cover your hand, pick up the plastic file wallet and dispose! POISON DOES NOT WORK! NOR ELECTRONIC SIREN!

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