Cat pees on everything!

I dont get it, my cat uses his litter box, but if he sees anything laying on the ground... A shirt, a sock... W/e he pees on it. Does nebody have any idea why he might be doin this. Im a 21yr old first time home owner, so I dont want to take him to the vet and rack up bills... If no idea... Anybody know of a good vet in the macomb county michigan area? Thanks

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Well he could have an infection (so yeah, the vet may be inevitable)...

My cat used to do this, turned out it was because her box was covered... so it may be as simple as that... so...

Try getting another box
Make sure box is not in high traffic area (I.e. not where loud noises occur, or where people are a lot)
Try uncovered box
Try covered box
Try another type of litter (only in new box!)
Clean out box regularly
Use this as an opportunity not to leave stuff on the ground? (imagine how clean your apartment is going to be!)

If all else fails... talk to vet...

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ha I am a clean freak its my boyfriend that leaves stuff laying around lol... but he does use a covered box, so I will take your advice and try an un-covered one. thanks for the advice

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maybe he gets scared of them or something.. if he smells a different scent on them that isnt his or yours he might feel uncomfortable and try to "mark his territory" so it is his scent so he can feel more dominant.

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Great advice, my cats will pee right by the box if they think it is dirty.

Desperate me-ouch!!

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he is a male cat and yes he is fixed

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