How do i get my 15 year old cat to stop peeing on clothes?

We've had Poppy since she was two and have never had any problems with her peeing, we have a cat door and she always goes outside. In the last couple of months she's starting peeing on my stepdad's clothes and once on mine, we put a litterbox inside but she kept doing it so we took her to the vet and he put her on antibiotics just incase it was an infection but the test came back negative so she's not sick. We have another two year old male cat we got when he was a kitten but I don't think he's the problem. What else could it be? and how do we get her to stop? Mum said she will put her down if it keeps happening :(

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15 years is a long time for a cat to live. Odds are he/she is just getting old. If it is male and not fixed, that may be the case... But I know when my cat got 11 years old he started doing that before he passed. My friends cat is also old and he is starting to do that.

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Oh no :( I hope she'll be ok, she's still acting like her old self. Thanks

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It could just be a bladder infection, you should ask your vet. I hope all is well :\

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Talk to the vet. Something is wrong. I'd try putting out three boxes, use one covered and one uncovered, and one for your 2 year old cat. Try different locations. In the meanwhile, don't have clothes lying on the floor and don't allow the cat into your stepdad's room.

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It could be a bladder infection. Its definetaly not a good sign if he starts to yowl or if you have to pick him up to take him to his litter box because it hurts his stomach when he walks.

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