When buying a new car what is the most important thing you look for?

(price, style, dependability, size etc.)

Answer #1

Hopefully in another couple of years i’ll be able to drive and get my license but when i do buy a car, i think that the most important things i’ll be looking for are price and dependability. I’m not even bothered about size or style, just as long as it can get me from one place to the next!

Answer #2

What it looks like. Ya’know when you look at it from the front and it looks like it has a face? My car has to have a happy face ;D and not be too manly, or too typical teenager.

Answer #3

Price nd how much gas the car uses would be important. The size would be, too. I’d want to be comfy, especially if I was spending a lot of money on the car. For the same reason, I’d want it to be a 4 door. It would have to be dependable, too. The colour isn’t a huge thing for me. I’d probably be happy with anything in that area.

Answer #4

I first look at what do I want to do with the car, once I find all the cars that will do what I want them to do. I look at all the dealers and classes, if you are looking for best price you want to buy a 2010. Also I never pay sticker, the car I currently drive was snickered at 28K. It was the make and model I wanted, but not the price. I went to 8 dealerships and chiseled the price from 28K down to 18.5K with all the options I wanted.

Answer #5

Right now I am looking for a heavy duty truck between now and 2013. I was looking at 3/4 ton but found the 1 ton is only about 1K more so I think it will be a 1 ton. I also want fully loaded, when they are loaded you have more room to play. I also want best in class fuel mileage, but this varies an you have to weight mileage to initial cost. I also take all the incentives I can off the sticker. The dealer will more than likely try to make this up at financing with interest, but this is no big deal if you have already financed somewhere else. 0% interest is no good if you pay 10K more on the car at the beginning.

Answer #6

I keep cars a long time so a good dependable car is important. One thing I learned over the years is if someone doesn’t like their car they won’t keep it. A car that is unliked won’t be maintained and the owner will always be looking for flaws and reasons to get rid of it. Instead of getting the least inexpensive car that meets your needs I say you should get the least inexpensive car you will be happy with and proud to own. Buying a car you don’t like because it is “practical” is poor economy.

Answer #7

I would have to say the first thing I always look at is the style, but then I look at the price, I wouldn’t buy a car until it was in my price range.. If I found one that wasn’t in my style, then I would most likely still buy it considering it’s in my price range.

Answer #8

i look at the specs first and gas milleage. we drive a lot so i then look at how big can i get for the gas milleage cuz i need lots of space for camping gear… thats why i like commerical vans or grand caravans so if u need to crash u can set up a bed in the back :)

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