Which car should I buy - a 2005 Grand Prix or a 2005 Vibe?

first car both automatic, love the way the grand prix rides.

Answer #1

grand prix! thats my cousins firsst car and i cant find any problems with it :)

Answer #2

thx nd ur cute

Answer #3

lol thank you :)

Answer #4

lol thank you :)

Answer #5

np where do u live like what state

Answer #6

Grand Prix are fun, but are still a smaller car. So if you have lots of people that want to ride with your or lots of stuff to drag around with you the Vibe as a lot more room. Also the Vibe as all wheel drive I believe, so if bad weather/ getting stuck is something you have to worry about the Vibe might be better. I have heard that the newer Grand Prix aren’t built quite as reliable as the mid to late 90’s versions.

Answer #7

If I’m not mistaken, a Grand Prix that year would have the 3.8 Liter V6. Which is one of the best ever motors that GM ever made. Reliable as hell. It’s the Grand Am’s with the 3.4L V6 that you don’t want; those tend to be unreliable. A G.P. Isn’t that bad a size of car, big enough but not too small. A Vibe on the other hand was still a new model back then, so more likely than not there were still flaws that hadn’t been worked out yet. I’d go for the Grand Prix.

Answer #8

i prefer not to buy a grand pix car……it give a lot of milage problem plus it needs lot of services………and trust me u’ll spent more money on servicing……..ahahahaha

Answer #9

grand prix. better car.

Answer #10

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