What would YOU bring on a camping holiday?

I’m going away in a campervan at the end of this year. I already have a little list of things to buy but I’d love to hear everybody else’s list of things they would take camping. Remember, I have a campervan, but I’m sleeping outside because, well, I like to make things difficult. There is no toilet or shower on the van. It will be the middle of Summer as I am in NZ.

Answer #1

Other than the stuff listed here? http://www.funadvice.com/q/bring_camping_trip

Kindle or ebook, if not a few paper books. Extra batteries for flashlights, etc.

Answer #2

A really good sunscreen - our sun is really harsh! I would also bring something to entertain me, like a good book incase I got insanely bored. I would bring cleansing wipes so I could keep my skin nice without having to drag my cleaner, toner and moisturiser everywhere. Lots of water! Aside from that, Im not really sure… Im not really a camping person. I still think you should come to the South Island (its far more awesome here!)

Answer #3

First thing I always bring is a few tampons/pads, just in case. Don’t want to be caught out there without them. xD I also bring bug spray, sun screen, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, a battery operated alarm clock if I have things planned, flashlight and plenty of batteries for it, food, drinks, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, an MP3 player, a book or two, some spare clothing (just in case), a first aid kit..

I’m always over prepared. xD But that’s not a bad thing.

Answer #4

well the things i always take camping are: climbing stuff knife water bottle 2 good jackets lightweight waterproofs torch spare batteries food !!!! towel there is more but i cant remember :L


Answer #5

books, definiatly, but also 4wheelers. then my dad always brings his little grill along with a pan to cook bacon over the fire. but the most important is stuff to make smores with. then there is all the basics such as -tent -food and water -sleeping bags -bug spray -flashlights and batterys -radio(to hear the weather) -pillows and blankets -ways to start fires(lighter, matches, ect.) -backpack for hiking->also good hiking cloths -all sorts of personal goods(tooth brush and paste, hairstuff, girl stuff, ect) -rope thats what i bringwith me:)

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