What would be your perfect holiday?

I dont get holidays at the moment so I pretty much just have to imagine my holidays. Its sad. Where would you go, what kinds of things would you do, who would you go with?

Answer #1

my holiday would be with my family because they are everything to me and we usually don’t notice that we don’t get time out of our friends and boyfriends..so a perfect holiday for me will be all my family members on a cruise or a beach or a hill station full of snow,this is because my place don’t have beach or snow..so i will plan somewhere like that. if i would have a holiday and less time than i would love to go and chill with my sisters for shopping or eating out,we would stare hot guys :D and pranks for a perfect holiday!!

Answer #2

My perfect holiday will be this christmas. It is me, chris, and noahs first christmas in our very own house. Its also the first christmas that noah will know what is going on. I cant wait to wake up on christmas morning andjust have it be the three of us opening presents.

Answer #3

My holiday would be Chinese/Viet New Year, which is in February. It’s one of the only holidays my family ever really celebrates. I don’t really celebrate Christmas and etc, so this is basically it. But my family and I go out early to eat lunch in Chicago. We visit a temple and pray for the year to come. We visit relatives, and meet up with other Vietnamese people in a open house party. The children, like me, get ly xi which is a red envelope with cash, from elders. Everyone’s happy or at least acts it, so that the rest of the year brings good luck and fortune. It’s just very refreshing, and nice way to start the year.

Answer #4

my perfect holiday would be all by myself in a beach with not a lot of people in it. :-) i’ll just rest there, get a massage, and eat. no distractions whatsoever. haha


Answer #5

All i went a week trip to Disney World with my friends or family. been wentiing that for a long time now. How about u what yours. : *)

Answer #6

that sounds so cute!

Answer #7

I would love to go to Italy with my boyfriend and just relax, eat lots of pasta and drink lots of coffee and red wine!

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