What do you think a foreign exchange student would need to bring to stay in the USA for a month?

I am having a foreign exchange student come for the month of July its just a summer exchange thing. What would she need to bring with her? I have to give her a packing list soon because shes coming here the 25 of June which yes is a month away but I want to make sure I have time to add stuff on. What do I need to tell her to bring and what things do we need to give her when she gets here?

Answer #1

Depending on where she lives. Say if she lives in Britain, their power outlets are different than ours, so say she has a laptop, you’ll need to tell her to bring a converter with that. Or buy one here, which I don’t know where you would go about finding that.

I don’t think they dress any different in Britain than here. But, always a good trip to the mall and pick out some things will do the trick. And of course teach her the fundamentals of American life… which is…err…..

Answer #2

Well I would have her bring the necessities; weather-appropriate clothes, toiletries, etc. Basically, have her bring things that she will need while she is over here :) Best of luck :)

Answer #3

Clothes money and entertainment oh bring shampoos and soap everyone needs soap.

Answer #4

Mainly, her clothes and private belongings … I’m sure that she can get whatever else she needs in the US, or she can borrow yours.

Answer #5

Remember that she can probably only pack one suitcase of no more than 40 pounds if she comes by airplane. (She should look that up on her ticket).

Tell her to bring her clothes, her personal hygiene stuff, anything that she’d take to a vacation in a hotel in your place (camera, music player and so on)… a power converter (if her country has different power outlets) and if she brings anything that needs power. And if you have a seacoast, public pool or lake nearby where you plan on going then tell her not to forget her swimsuit.

Will she go to your school? If so, you could ask your teachers whether she needs anything for school. (Sports clothes, arts material…)Your school books probably aren’t available in her place. So you should organize that. Maybe you can borrow them for her in the schools library.

You should borrow her bedclothes and towels. And you should also offer her to put her clothes to your laundry.

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