Where would you rather go on holiday?

Just wondering. If you could spend 2 weeks on holidays, where would you go? Australia or England?

Answer #1

It depends what time of year. England in the summer. Australia in the winter. :)

Answer #2

Australia because I’ve already been to England loads! AND because Australia has great beaches :-)

Answer #3

england. But then, I live in new zealand so australia is really close

Answer #4

Love to go backpacking around England one day and do the pubs crawl circuit thingie…Rumours has it their pubs are opened really early and stay open til late in the evening…AND…at 10pm during summer, it is still bright as day…bloody awesome I tell you. :)

Answer #5

That’s a really tough question for me, because those are two places I want very much to see.

I sorted it out alphabetically…Australia, then England, lol

Answer #6

Lol. I live here in Australia. I’m a true blue and I love this country we have beautiful beaches like Bondi, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast the clubs hear are 24hours some close at 3am.Jjust so you know the legal drinking age hear is 18. You can also go to the smaller islands of Australia like Fraser Island, Stradbroke Island. If you want to dive you should go on a diving tower to the Great Barrier Reef. If you’re looking for an Outback getaway you can go to Darwin buy watch out for the crocodiles their all over Darwin.

Answer #7

I would say go to Australia :) I am from England and, although there are some nice things to look at here, I think Australia has more things for a holiday. I definitely would not come here in the wintertime, so if you are looking for a vacation soon then try Australia. You can always go to England any other time in your life.

It really depends what you like from a holiday though. I would decide which area of Australia and England you are interested in and then do research about museums. sight seeing/ beaches etc in the area, and find which country has more things you are looking for out of your holiday.

Answer #8

Well I live in England and have never been to Australia, but I get put off of Australia because of the bugs, there’s loads apparently. But Australia seems lovely and apparently it’s really good. What do you look for in a holiday?

Answer #9

There ant many bugs at all. Not around the coastlines. But if you go towards the northerly end you’ll find more bugs.

Answer #10

Hey, I would prefer England for my holidays. I had gone their for my last trip and I thoroughly enjoyed the stay there. Truly speaking, the hotel I opted for was simply beautiful. I had stayed at Blenheim lodge, situated on an elevated position, offering a lake side view. It really made me feel relaxed and quiet. I would really want to go there again.

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