What would you bring on vacation for a month?

I’m going to California for a month over the summer… I ALWAYS overpack and end up taking way too much stuff that I feel that I’d need, and then never using it. What would you bring?

Answer #1

My iPod, phone, money, and lots of cute clothes (:

Answer #2

IPOD, cell fone, sunglasses, swimsuit, money, tanning spay haha, my fav pillow, clothes, hair straighter, lucky socks lol and ummm my cow girl hat :)

Answer #3

I know what you mean. I went on vacation for 2 weeks and way overpacked. Take a couple of night clothes, a couple of casual tops and bottoms, dont take too many fancy outfits unless you know you’re going to be going out a lot, take a sweater/jacket/ something warm, dont take too many pairs of shoes, watch how much makeup you take, you probably just need to take the basics, cell phone, ipod, sunglasses, money, etc. Think about the things you used in the last trip. And only take those.

Answer #4

iPad, and a packed iPod. Sandals (birkenstocks of course). 3 pairs of shorts. 5 t-shirts. 5 pairs of briefs. No socks. Credit Card. $1000.00 cash in US$.

Answer #5

Oh, all in a single backpack.

I’ve overpacked many times. Learned by lesson.

Answer #6

Just bring one pair of shorts, one skirt, and one pair of jeans. Bring 6-7 tops, and a pair of casual shoes and a pair of dressy shoes. Only bring one jacket, and don’t bring heaps of jewelry. Bring one hairbrush, and basic makeup. You only need one set of pjs, if something happens to them, just wear a tshirt and undies. Most things can double-up as something else (the pjs an tshirt example) and you can buy things like toothbrushes and stuff when you get there. Bring an ipod, it’s small and useful and entertaining. The mistake I make, is bringing stuff that I’m not into at that very moment. I look at it, think ooh I like that I’ll bring it. And never use it. I think the way to go, is pack all of your clothes, and use the golden rule, ‘take out 2 tops, one pair of socks, something heavy, something square, and add some extra underwear’’!

Answer #7

laptop, money and cell phone

Answer #8

No clothes? Lol.

Answer #9

I went to Europe for 3 weeks and visited 5 different countries. I assume you’ll have access to a washer/dryer…

I brought 2 pairs of jeans, 2 capris, 1 skirt, a sweater/hoodie, and 3 pairs of shoes that were comfortable to walk in and could be worn with every outfit. I brought 7-8 tops that matched every pair of pants, etc.

Don’t pack shampoo and toothpaste, you can buy that where you’re going.

Answer #10

my phonee and dog

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