What is the best way for a boy my age (14) to "Work out" ?

.. I want muscle and want to stay fit.. But i dont know any quick and simple, not to hard work outs ?

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Join a gym…..or crunches…lift weights..not hard stuff unless your lazy.

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push ups, sit ups, dumbells, bowflex? lol(:

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Thanks :)

Answer #4

Dumbells? Bowflex? What are they haha :)

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dumbells: [link removed]

nevermind the bowflex(: thats too hardcore xD

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grr the link was removed >.>

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Haha :) How do i do them thoughh ? D:

Answer #8

dumbells are basically lifting weights…(:

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Oh rightt :) What about bowflex? :P

Answer #10

bowflex is like this massive mini gym…hehe(: its made for adults thoughh O.O xD

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Oh haha :) Thanks though :P

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welcome lol..i hope you didn’t think i was calling you lazy though..

Answer #14

Haha no id dint, but i am lazy anywy :)

Answer #15

If you’re going to start working out, start by eating right. Stay away from fatty foods and junk food because they put on fat calories and unnecessary carbs. You want to eat foods that are healthy and that are packed with protein, like lean beef, steak, grilled boneless skinless chicken, and fish. These foods are packed with protein and other key vitamins and minerals. Since you are still young and just want to be fit, get a free weights home gym, preferrably one that you can squat in. You will want to do workouts like bench, in bench aka close grip, squat, curls, etc. Also, for abs, just do crunches every day. If you look online there is numerous web sites that have really good workout plans but the best one that I found is http://funadvice.com/r/3jucb8ehel. They have a great online supplement store and have awesome workout plans that you can do. Good luck! (I would try this workout. At the same time you will be gaining muscle and burning fat. So its awesome. You need two 5 pounds weights & if you don’t have two 5 pound weights, use water bottles full of water. 1: Stretch 2: 20 Bench Press 3: 20 squats 4: 20 side arm lifts 5: 20 crunches 6: 20 push-ups 7: 20 lunges 8: 20 leg lifts 9: Walk for 30 mins & then stretch)

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lol that was a lot more helpful than mine(: haha ^^ xD

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Thanks alot, it was just a tiny bit better ;)

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lolll^^ x]

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You could start by joining a gym, or buying a set of your own dumbbells. I started out at home by buying my first dumbbells. What it is, is basically a 2-lb. metal rod, and several weighted plates that you put on each side and lock with a grip. Mine go as high as 30-lb. because they were before I joined a gym. A gym will usually go as high as 100-200lb. dumbbells. Remember, that’s not the weight of the total dumbbell, but each one in each hand. So 20-lb. dumbbells in each hand is 40-lb. overall.

Before you start working out, I recommend going to bodybuilding.com and looking at their workout guide, with pictures. Technique is far more important than the weight you apply. I’ve seen many big guys come in and do 60-lb. dumbbell incline presses incorrectly, while I sit next to them and do much heavier or lighter weight correctly. Don’t ever worry about looking like a weakling at the gym, people come there to work out, not to stare at you. We all started at your level once, and I think you’re luckier because you get to learn from us what’s right and wrong to do and how well it works.

Being a rookie, I’d recommend you to start out with light weights and focus more on technique and the overall workouts. Don’t train the same muscle groups (chest, back, legs, arms, etc.) more than once every 72 hours because that’s how long it takes them to recover fully. Also, for your first time, incorporate 2-3 groups to get the body used to lifting weights. This would mean doing Chest and Triceps workouts like Dips and Bench Press on the same day. Doing 3-6 exercises on each group of muscle works better to help it ecruit more nutrients as well.

After working out, it’s important to replenish the body with nutrients. Creatine, glutamine, protein, and carbs are essential. Creatine is found in beef, glutamine is sugar, found in fruits most times, protein can be found in nuts, chickens, fish, everything, and the carbs you need are fast-digesting and slow-digesting carbs found in oatmeal, or in chicken and rice or potatoes. Almost all amino acids like glutamine and others are found in powder/liquid form so if you don’t feel like eating a meal, just drink up the supplements. Note though, they’re called supplements, not meal replacements, so don’t neglect eating because liquid calories are the hardest calories to digest. Sleeping is essential. Someone who works out needs 8-12 hours of sleep. So get some rest.

Good luck out there to you and don’t feel nervous to lift tiny weights. We all started out weak, even me. I started out barely being able to lift 5-lb. off the ground and couldn’t even do a 1/8 of a pull-up, let alone leg press even the 25-lb. bar. Now, 2 years later, I’m doing 23 pull ups, and can lift 50-70-lb. dumbbells for my exercises, and leg press over 500-lb. Take it easy as a beginner, and focus more on form than weight and soon, you’ll be a lot stronger and bigger.

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get a kinect it will work wonders for u

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Thank you loads, this has realy halped me! I was thinking about joining the gym but i just dont have enough moneya dn my parents wouldnt pay for me. I will save up and buy myself some little weights to get me started and i will also do the routine that Chanelglit told me. Again, thanks for your help!

If this sounds like a bad idea, please tell me!

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It sounds like a good idea to start out with. As a beginner, I think you should start out using smaller weights until you get experienced enough to use heavier ones. Surf that site for “Strength” workouts and apply about 3-5 sets of 10-15 repetitions. Once you feel stronger, every week, add 2-5 pounds more and keep working out. Also, vary the workouts. The body adapts so to keep it growing, mix it up every 4 weeks. I think once you’ve outgrown the weight you have, it’s time to train in a gym. At your age, don’t worry about being in a gym yet, as I didn’t join until I was 16, but I’ve been working out since I was 14. The way I joined was actually by asking my parents to get me a membership and I told them I’ll go every day that I need to work out, which happened to be 5 days a week, and now I force them to go with me because I ended up liking it so much that I want to be a bodybuilder. Lol. In a year or two, ask your parents to join as a family, because it’s usually cheaper too.

Answer #23

for weight lifting low weight and high reps

Answer #24

Dude i cant afford one haha :)

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I see you have plenty of answers…but always remember a good swim is beneficial for your muscles and to stay in shape.

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