How can i ask my mom about birth control?

Well, im 13 and really want to go on birth control. But im guessing I will have to ask my mom. I've had this boyfriend for about a year and I really love him, and I repsect my body and want to wait until im much older for sex, but I just want to be safe because you never really know. Do you think if I say to my mom " I want to go on birth control to regulate my periods" shell by it? She knows about my boyfriend, and about my crazy period schedule. I honestly have no idea how she'll react. Im so nervous. Any advice???please help!

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Just sit her down. Even if she thinks you just want it because your having sex she'll, more then likely, be happy that you brought it up. And that your being responsible.

Tell her 'Mom, later I need to talk to you about something personal in private.' Go to a quiet room and lay it out. Ask her to hear you out first. She should listen cause chances are she was in the same position once in her life.

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I know exactly how you feel. I've been with my boyfriend for a while and I'm thinking about going to my mom about birth control as well; just in case anything were to happen, at least I'd be protected. I'm sixteen and too young to be a mother. I've thought about going to the clinic myself but I feel guilty about having my mother not know, but I'm also worried if I asked her, she'd be hurt and not let me see him anymore..

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its better to ask her for birth control than to tell her that your pregnant

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O angelfire or wateva the hell you r I have seen so many hings saying your to young for this and now 13 is too young for a boyfriend I dont know if your parents were fflippen mormans and you grew up earting cold cereal evry single minute but in the real world we do have boyfriends

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She'll know your real motive behind it. Mom's know that game :)

If you really want to go on birth control you can take the "Would you rather me have sex without BC?" approach. But she might react bad to that too. Point is, you're too young for sex and what mom says - goes.

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frist brith contrall is a great idea my step mom got raped at our age so i would just tell your mom k and the reasons why k?

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ok i was in the same situation you were last June. I was never completely regular, but after me and my boyfriend started having sex, it got way worse. I finally worked up the guts and told my mother that I wanted birth control because I was very irregular. And I wasn't lying one bit either! It was seriousely annoying. Thats the main reason I wanted it, so thats what I told her. Its now also a backup for me and the same guy ive been with since before that.
You are right, anything can happen. You can say nothin is ever gonna happen to me, and then it does. I know exactly how you feel and I was 15 when this whole shabang started happenin.
My advice, ask her for it because you are irregular (you said you're mom knew you are). And then, if something does happen with you and your boyfriend, you also have a backup. And if she asks if somethin else is goin on, you can honestly tell her that nothing is happening until something really is. My mom stayed off my back about it quite a bit, so maybe yours will do the same.

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just talk to you mom be honest honesty never hurt anybody.

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im not meaning to sound like a b!tch. there is no age on sex. I mean its our body & we can do what the hell we want.
im turning 14 in bout 4 months. & I've had sex with
3 guys. one guy lasted a minute cause he was my first
& I was terrified. but the second one was my best friends
brother. we had sex 3 times. & I had the biggest crush on
him but we wasnt dating. & the third guy is who I am dating
at this point.well my mom didnt know I've had sex before.
but on new years day she found boyfriend & his friend
came to my house while her & her boyfriend was at work. & her boyfriend
came home early & he caught us. but I want to ask my mom
about birth control so bad too. im jst really scared.
like my boyfriend & her was txtn & I started crying cause she
tld him I was the last thing she has of my dad. cause he
had pasted away in a car crash. but thats beside the point.
if you ask your mom hun' gimme some pointers on what I shld
tell my mom;]

email me.

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Id like to contadict some one that said honesty never hurt anybody, um ya it did when I told my dad I had a boyfriend he almost slapped me he was pissed:)

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ture u can buy birth control by yourself...get someone older that you can trust to take you and they can buy it for you or you can buy it yourself

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why dont u buy it birth control isnt age restricted

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I'm going through the same thing actually. I'm glad I saw your pleed for help. I keep asking people what to do, and honestly no one really knows. I think that no matter what our moms are going to freak out a bit because they're babies are growing up, but they're going to have to realize it's better safe then sorry yea know? Just tell her that your periods are out of wack and you think birth control will help to regulate your system. I think that's what I'm going to do. Well, I hope I helped a bit.

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Hun your right>youre wayyy too young to be having sex. Even to have a bf!

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Your not too young to have a boyfriend but you are too young to have sex or to even be thinking about it. I know to many of my friends got preg at that age on accident and purpose some even had to have abortions they all regreted it but getting birth control is a safe way. If you do get it still always use a condom if you do have sex.

Im going on 16 and want it for the period reasons and other reasons but I dont have a boyfriend yet you never know what your going to do with a guy. I havent asked my mom and I dont plan on it even though I really want to I can talk to her about stuff I do with a guy and she knows Ive did everything but sex so idk

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well if you strat up ask your mom I am sure she would love that you where honest! and that you respect your body enough for the birth conrtol!

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The best thing to do is sit down with your mom and simply ask her if it would be okay for you to go on birth control. That the main reason you want it is to regulate your periods. You are much too young to be having sex and I am proud of you for wanting to wait until you're older. When you do ask your mom reassure her that you are going to wait to have sex if that is her main concern for you, and that you simply want it for your periods.

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I am in the same position as you. I am 13 and I am asking my mother tonihgt if I could get birth control. I've been dating this guy for almost 2 years now. and ill ask her if I could get birth control, and if she says no, but then I'll be like mom why? Would you rather something happen and me get pregnant because you don't wanna let me get birth control, and shell probably assume im having sex , and id be like No im not bc I wanna wait til im older, but if I could get birth control ill feel like you think im responasible enough for it, and your okay with the fact im growing up, and hopefully she say okay..

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ok well im 13 and my period is all out of whack and I get terrible cramps and sometimes I have 2 periods in one month. I really want to ask my mom about burth control but im really scared how she will react and that she will say NOOO!!! its not like im having sex or anything, im not having sex for a LONG TIME. I just want it for my period. me and my mom also havent even had "the talk" yet.sooo HELP please!!

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I asked my mom today and she was perfectly fine with it , I asked her not to be mad at me because I wanted to b safe and I want her to trust me , and she said she definitely isn't mad at me, she is more happy then anything because I feel like I could talk to her about it , so if you just come out with it and tell her she probably wont get mad at you and she'll probably act the way my mom did.. Don't keep it away from here

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Go to your local health department? You don't have to tell your parents a thing ..

I was 15 whenever I asked my mom if I could get put on birth control, & she didn't object .. your mom should be glad you came to her to talk about it, & tell her that. Tell her you could've just went to someone else, someone who wasn't even an adult.

Just be honest .. if you lie, you'll only dig yourself a deeper hole.

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The little metal "duck bill" wont nessecarily break your hymen, it didn't break mine. And you should talk to your mom about your period. Say you looked it up. And tell her you're willing to talk to a doctor about it.
If your mom absolutely refuses, you can always go to a clinic, they cant tell your mother that you've come. And they cant tell anyone but you your personal information. And if you have no job, its free.

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I am 19 just graduated and I am scared to death as to how to bring up birth control to my mom. My mom scares the shit out of me. (Sorry for cuss words). I just am unsure of how to bring it up. I want it to be safer for sex reasons, my periods aren't wonky much anymore.

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