What kind of fish can live with bettas?

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I had a betta a few years ago. I wanted to have a large tank with lots of fish, and the lady at the store told me they lil the smaller bowls by theirselves.

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Bettas do best when they are alone. They are aggressive and prefer the alone life. You can add bottom feeders and algae eaters tho.

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Bettas are meant to be alone. But I have had bettas in tanks with other fish. It all depends on if it is a aggressive beta. So you just have to test the water a little with other fish like mollies, neons, and other non aggressive fish. Put the betta in the tank and be ready to scoop him up with a net to take him out if he acts like he is going to fight the other fish. The bettas will nip at the fancy taled fish so it is best not to put the betta with them. And they almost always fight with each other.
In my experience with them over the years, the red bettas seem to be more aggressive than the other colors.

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