What fish can go in the tank with a betta?

What kind of fish can go in the same tank as a betta fish???

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haha you do not want to put any fish in the same tank as a beta fish because their aggressiveness can get themselves and the other fish in the tank seriously hurt or injured, even dead. beta fish can be aggressive tot he point where they will attack their own reflection.

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clown fish

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have my Betta living happily with several Guppies, 2 African Frogs, 2 cat fish, 2 plecos and a Platy...I will be getting more Platy as they prefer to school.
My mother has her Betta with a school of neon tetras, cat fish, plecos, African frogs and Guppies, all with out any problems.
I understand that as long as you do not add a fish with long showy fins, which the Betta may interpret as competition, you will fine. Here a few sites on compatibility which may help you... http://www.timstropicals.com/Compatibility/NameResults.asp http://nz.answers.yahoo.com/search/search_result;_ylt=AgKEvi.aur318azpto9o_53IZwx.;_ylv=3?p=Platy+compatable+with+Betta Best of luck to in your choices,

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None that I know of, but, what do I know.
If it's a male betta fish, then I definitely know that another male can't go in there. But uhh..
actually good question. Haha.

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