best way to stop smoking

I’ve tried to stop smoking a few times but fined it hard to do,like when my kids are playing up im not the sort of person to smack a chiled so my way of getting rid of stress is to go in to another room and have a fag… so come on all you none smokers tell me your trick

Answer #1

I have been smoking since the age of 12 im 18 now I have lost count at my attempts to quit I lasted around 65 days smoke free not long ago by quitting cold turkey
every day I still craved for that smoke and yes like most people I gave in and sparked one up and got back to my old habit stayd smoking for about 6 weeks after that attempt then I found a book I can read to help me quit, at first I was thinking a book how could this help well I did under estimate the book because I know now I havnt smoked in a week but this week I havnt had not craving all thanks to the book I read EASY WAY TO STOP SMOKING by allen carr trust me by reading this book you will realise how easy it actually is to quit
p.s you can smoke while your reading the book but you will end up stopping sooner or later before the end of the book

Answer #2

I really don’t think I can help you on this, I’m trying to give up at the moment and havn’t smoked since monday night!!! wooo! I’m only 14 and my parents don’t no. my dad smokes so it’s is just really tempting to take one!!! I spoke to a friend abbout it today and ended up breaking down! she made me promise not to do it again. I’m just trying to keep myself busy, it has worked so far. why did you try it?? I just tried it because I was upset, it had smelled like dad so it was familiar and from then on it was comforting.

Answer #3

Oh gee. I stopped smoking in the year 2000. I guess it depends on the person. I started smoking as a young teen when we were not told of all the dangers or poisons that are involved. I smoked through having two children and my husband and I smoked so much during their school years that a teacher punished our girl in grade school by humiliating her in front of all her classmates making her go outside to ‘air’ to get rid of the smoke smell on her! She said she thought our daughter was smoking. This was in the dead of winter. I was so mad at that teacher! I should of been mad at myself too but addiction makes you blame others and put yourself in denial.

I had tried to quit lots of times but later started up because - well I just could not see myself enjoying a nice outing without a cig. or sitting in the park without one etc. I liked the habit. Health was not an issue as I had long time ago asked God and believed Him that my choice to smoke would never physically harm me or my children. So I knew without a doubt that wasn’t a problem. I believe that believing = receiving - period.

My motive to quit was two-fold. My husband’s doctors were advising him to quit . I knew he couldn’t if I was still puffing away. Second my now adult daughter was going to get her first car and she would not tolerate any one smoking in her car! I was smoking 4 cigs an hour so I’d get real grumpy if I had to go long without a cig! It was controlling me! I didn’t like that at all. I like to be in control of my own self.

My x-friends mother had quit her years of smoking by actually ODing on smoking. A friend of hers told her about it. I decided to give it a whirl. Once you decide to quit you have one rule only - do not inhale. You can smoke all the cigs you want just don’t inhale them. If by chance you forget and do inhale, catch yourself and stop - continue with the quitting.

It took me less then 6 days and I never want to smoke another cig again. It is gross and I can’t even stand the smell of smoke now. The thought makes me go ‘YUCK” this after over 25 years of hard core smoking! Less then One week and I am free. Free of always worrying about having cigs wherever I go or on hand at home. Free of paying a fortune for something I am just burning up anyway. Free of always having to have a lighter that works. Free of worrying what others are thinking or if smoking is allowed at this place or not. Free of freezing to death standing outside smoking with smoking buddies or roasting to death being out side to catch a hit or getting rained on during a fag break or hiding to steal a hit when it is where it is not allowed.. I love my new freedom!

I was hooked on tootsie-roll pops for about 3 months after I quit as I still had a sucking and holding habit, but I don’t need them or gum or any thing like that any more!

Freedom is so cool! You should try it! ;)

Answer #4

I am nearing the age of 60, I am a 49 year smoker. Attempts to quit smoking are endless for me. The longest I have ever succeeded is 3 months. The shortest, one week. I have used the ‘gum’, the ‘patch’, and anything else you can think of (multiple times over). I am presently in a ‘quit smoking program attempt’, I’m on the ‘patch’ again. I have a mentor, whom I contact either by phone, or by e-mail, when I am needing a pep-talk. Having someone to talk to when I’m feeling that overpowering urge to ligh-up, is one of the best tools I’ve ever had. I’m here to tell you that, nothing is a 100% guarantee, but….one thing is for certain, and that is….”you never ever give up ‘trying’ to quit”! If you don’t achieve the goal ‘this time’, then you set yourself up for yet ‘another attempt’, and with hopefully greater determination the next time. Many a trick that can/will divert those nicotine cravings, and many a (free) program out there to aid you. If you don’t succeed, don’t be disheartened. Repeat, repeat, and repeat again. Oh, and by the way….I am a 4-pack a day (or ‘was’) smoker. At present, I’m at less than a half pack, and I’m about two weeks into my current program. The very best of luck to ‘you’!

Answer #5

The only way I quit smoking was when my son came home from school one day and was crying to me saying Mommy your going to die if you keep smoking, He was in 3rd grade at the time, he is now in 10th and I have been smoke free since then, it really takes a scare to quit smoking.

Answer #6

jdoiel. wow i hope your doing ok now after you surgery and good for you for giving up, im really glad u answerd that cos i was smoking when i read it, and it really made me think… the fag is out lets hope it stays out. thanks

Answer #7

Yes mjcombs your advise of ‘Go to your Doctor and get Zyban’” is what my husband uses every time he wants to quit. I quit in part for him, but he took 3 additional years before he quit! He never would try ODing on them like I did. He still wants to smoke and will start up at times with maybe a cig a day which he thinks is OK but when he wants to stop that or finds he is smoking more then one or two a day, he’ll use Zyban to quit. He does this over and over again and complains a lot that he wants a cig.

I tried Zyban, patches, and the gum but the ODing was the one thing that got me to hate smoking so much I have no desire for one and got me to be smoke free. If you can do it, it is the way to go!

God speed to all of who are working on it! :)

Answer #8

There are a great many solutions, that work for a good many people. And to give them ‘all’ a shot is the only ‘good service’ you can do for yourself. What motivates one, may well not be the most successful motivation for another. My dad is 77 1/2 years old, has been a smoker…well…too many years for me to count. My dad has suffered ‘three’ ‘different’ forms of cancer. Smoking related. He has had ‘three’ ‘major’ surgeries as a result. ‘Twice’, he came far too close to buying the farm. He has beaten the cancers all three times, thus far. And (he even calls himself a fool), he still smokes. The ‘scares’, didn’t ‘scare him ‘enough’ obviously. What I’m saying is…’death’, isn’t always a successful motivating factor either. Not for ‘everyone’. Unfortunate, but true.

Answer #9

Hi, Go to your Doctor and get Zyban or the generic form of it. You start taking it and continue smoking but you want it less and less. I quit in 2000. I have told several people about it and it has worked for them. But you do have to want to quit. I got this mental picture of burning a 10 dollar bill every day. Also when I quit I would reward myself every week with the money I saved. Clothes, a treadmill, stuff for my house. You don’t realize how much you are really spending on cigarettes until you get to spend on something you don’t just light and burn.

Answer #10

thank you both for your reply, and grandpappyron, can i just say the verry best of luck to you and i hope you can stick with it this time, i may have to get a mento for myself cos then i would feel like i was letting someone eles down as well as myself if i lit up. thank you hunny and bayres, your son has done you a big faver,you have a verry bright chiled, welldone to you and keep it up. thanks hunny

Answer #11

I smoked for 40 yrs. Last January I had lung surgery which left me wht 3 holes in my left side. I was told it was cancer,although it ended up being Histoplasmosis. But it scared the hell out of me to hear cancer, so I laid the smokes down and have never looked back. Good Luck to All that try. And you are right when you say never quit. I tried about 4 times before quitting for good. Cold turkey is the best way. Get your nerve up and be strong! Anyone can do it!

Answer #12

Never start.

Answer #13

COLD’s what my dad did.

Answer #14

I’ve never smoked, but I try to get my mum & dad to stop. my mum has tried acouple times but when back on it, it seems pretty hard.

but try and occupie yourself.

  • chewing gum, (nictorign gum, or any sort)
  • lollys.
  • patches.
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