Answer #1

That is based on basically on personal opinion. Unless you want to compare specific details.

Answer #2

which one would u rather have?

Answer #3

well if i had to, as in my life depended on it, id have an slr mclaren. so a merc.

Answer #4

In terms of reliability, a benz. beemers are crap.

Answer #5


Answer #6

Benz… hands down.

Answer #7

People here have no class… Beemer hands down mate, and i can vouch for that since hav driven E C S CL class for Benze, and from 1 series 3 series 5 series and 7 series for the Beemer…pleasure of drive , comfort, safety beemers are better, benz has taken a bit of a hitting since they took over daimler chrysler and incurred heavy losses… dont get me wrong, a Benz is still a solid car, depending on what aspect you want it for and your budget it also depends.

Answer #8

The beemer is amazing for speed, but the benz is prettier. Personally I’d get the infiniti, it’s pretty and it’s got amazing acceleration. Between the two I’d get a benz, I just like the look more. I dont really see a huge difference in comfort or features. Most of the luxury cars have nice features. I think it would depend on how old I was though. Fast cars are extremely tempting at the moment.

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