Is a diesel car better than a regular car?

I want to know whats the difference between a diesel car and a car because i dont know much about them

Answer #1

Diesel is more expensive, but for bigger heavier trucks, it delivers more performance that standard gas. Its also made differently or something, but living in texas, you see a lot of diesel. So it depends on whether or not you have the budget. Those that ive talked to about owning a diesel car say they love it.

Answer #2

i can answer this for ya, lol i just need to know what do you mean by better? cause certain things, gas is better than diesel, and same thing the other way around.

(cute pic by the way, lol)

Answer #3

well i guess speed. and my friend told me that diesel trucks exhaust smoke is black. idk if that is true… (and thx 4 the pic comment (:

Answer #4

well yes diesel exhaust smoke is black. It shows that there is more fuel being dumped into the cylinders than what the engine can efficiently burn but as weird as it might seem, its still better for the atmosphere because that black smoke is SO DAMN DENSE, it literally just falls to the ground, lol. Gas is not as dense and when burned is light enough to just float up into our atmosphere.

For top speed, gas is better because of their broader RPM range. Were a 2.0 Gas can go up to 8K before redlining in some cases, a 2.0 diesel will stop about 3.5 or 4. Being that they have a higher RPM range and most of their HP comes at higher RPM’s, they can continue to accelerate through their long gears.

For acceleration though, if you don’t have a high performance gas then you’ll definitely want a diesel. Diesels make about twice as much torque in Ft-Lbs than they do power in HP. (standard measurements) being that they make so much torque at low rpm they’re always at good power and can accelerate through their RPM range literally no matter what. They don’t tend to have as much HP as gas engines of similar size do simply because they don’t go up to high RPMs unlike gas engines of similar size, but being that a gas engine has to wait to 6-8K to wake up and actually accelerate quickly, the diesel will already wake up from the start with its torque and will accelerate even faster when it catches it’s peak HP which is at a much lower RPM than gas. This is the reason why you see 8000lb diesel trucks smoking out vipers and corvettes a the 1/4. Also the reason why vipers and corvettes tend to achieve much higher top speeds than those diesel trucks.

Acceleration (Diesel) top speed (gas)

(^_^) hope this all helps, lol

Answer #5

Oh my gosh, why do i always type so much on this car stuff… somebody’s gonna make fun of me, i swear it. And you know what, i cant blame them… (T~T)

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