What do you think about the baseball steroid scandal?

what do you guys think bout this whole baseball steriod crap?? you think they should get fined? or taken out of baseball? what you think

Answer #1

I don’t think that anyone should really be surprised that these athletes take performance enhancing drugs. Their entire life depends on their ability to perform. They better they perform, the more money they make. I ask anyone, if someone came to you at your job and said “If you take this, you’ll work better and make more money”, what would you say? I’m not saying that it’s right or that there shouldn’t be consequences to their actions but I really have a hard time when everyone is so shocked about this. It was really a no brainer for me.

Answer #2

oh I am so not suprised but I think that everyone who got caught should be punished to the extreme… and god if you think bout it baseball would change completly if to say mark mcguire or barry bonds didnt take drugs to make them so celeb. but that is just how I feel on the matter..

Answer #3

I think that so many players have already taken steriods and so many have not been caught so it should not be such a huge deal if they go out and said they did it. Unless they break a record with the help of steriods or flat out denied it or lied to court about it (like Bonds) there is really nothing to do

Answer #4

I think it’s a complicated/multi-faceted situation - certainly a black cloud over baseball - feel bad if any of those named were truely innocent (hearsay) - no way to clear their good name - other side of that, no doubt some were very releived to see their names were not there when they should have been - baseball has got to get it’s act together and move forward now with strict/effective testing to ensure history doesn’t repeat…GO BRAVES !!

Answer #5

I don’t give a damn…

Answer #6

I think they should get fired its cheatin there way through when someone else could b in there spot and it would b all natual

Answer #7

they should just get fined and straightened up . I think even thought thats FRIGGEN CHEATIN! but anyways yea ..


Answer #8

u gotta think about who the names were…roger didnt do it. but yea even though it is sorta cheatin you still have to work out like normal, and when you do steroids then they make it to where you lose all your muscles if you stop working out like for a month, so really they are messin up their boddies so I say do it if they want to be a fat flabby dude when hes 50

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