Is this normal for a 12 month old baby?

my son is 12 months old and drinks 18oz of our milk aday and 14oz of his baby formula with 2 snacks and eats baby food. my question here is is it normal for my son to gag when he is offerend babyfood that has more texture to it? I am really worried about him choking. he has two teeth and weighs 23lbs. will he grow out of this gag thing?

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A 12 month old (1 yr old), should be drinking 16 oz of whole milk/d. No more formula is needed if he is eating 3 meals and 2-3 snacks. If your child gags with more textured foods then speak with the pediatrician or dietitian where you live.

If your 1 yr old does not eat table foods properly due to the gagging then be sure to ask pediatrician for a formula that is appropriate for a 12 month old, he made need a formula with more vitamins and minerals. Make sure he is only drinking 4-6 oz of juice/d which is the rec'd of the academy of pediatrics.


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it's normal at first. after he's had a new food a few times it should stop though. I'm sure he'll grow out of it the more he gets used to the thicker food.

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Perfectly normal, he may do it with each new taste, too. Just be careful in the amount you give him and he won't choke.

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