Are cocktails fattening?

Are cocktails fattening? As in do they have many calories and whatnot?

Answer #1

Bacardi Black Cherry,low carb 12-oz== 96/2.5-points Bacardi Limon, 12-oz= 220/4.5-points Bacardi Silver, 12-oz==4.5-poits Bacardi Silver 03 12-oz==225/4-points Barardi Silver, raz/grape/sour apple/orange=12-oz 225/5-pts Barardi Limon 12-oz== 225/5-points Bacardi Breezer, diet lemon,(275 mil bottle)= 96/2.5-points

as for your cocktails…

Cocktails: drink,oz==Calories/points

Amaretto Sour (1.7-oz) === 170/3.5-points Alexander (2.5 fl oz) === 180/4-points B-52 (1-oz)=== 92/2-points Bahama Mama, (8-oz)=== 300/5.5-points Bazookz, (2.3-oz)=== 175/4-points Black Jack, (3.5-oz)=== 186/4-points Black Russian (3 fl oz) == 250/5-points Bloody Mary (5 fl oz) === 120/3-points Bourbon & diet Soda (4 fl oz) = 105/2-points Boxcar, (3.8 fl oz)=== 375/8-points Buttery Nipple, 1.5-oz=== 130/3-points Chocolate Martini, 6-oz == 438/8/-8.5 points City Slicker, 3-oz === 193/4.5-points Cosmo, 4-oz === 200/4.5-points Cosmopolitan cocktail 2.5-oz= 170/3-points Cotton Candy, 12-oz === 207/4.5-points Daiquiri (2.7 fl oz) === 166/3-points Frozen Melon Balls, 4.2-oz= 187/4-points Fussy Navel (4 fl oz) === 120/2-points Gin Rickey (7 fl oz) === 115/2-points Gin & Tonic (7.5 fl oz) == 170/3-points Gin & diet Tonic (7.5-oz)= 115/2.5-points Godiva Chocolate Martini (6-oz)=438/9-points Grasshopper (2.3 fl oz) == 208/4-points Kahlua Mudslide === 440/9-points Key Lime Martini 4-oz=== 167/3.5-points High Ball (8 fl oz) === 165/3-points Hummingbird, (5.5-oz)=== 374/7-points Hurricane, (15-oz)=== 593/12-points Irish Car Bomb, (12-oz) == 237/5-points Jager Bomb (13-oz) === 219/4.5-points Jell-0 Shots 1.5-oz === 90/2.5-points Jolly Rancher, (3.4-oz)=== 184/4-points Lemon Drop, (1-oz) === 35/1-points Liquid Viagra (5-oz)=== 151/3-points Long Island Ice Tea 12-oz- 789/16-points Love Potion, (5-oz) === 279/6-points Mai Tai (4.5 fl oz) === 310/6-points Malibu Bay Breeze (5.5-oz)= 140/3-points Manhattan (2.5 fl oz) === 130/3-points Margarita (3 fl oz) === 170/3-points Margarita 8-oz glass === 453/9-points Margarita 12-oz glass === 680/11=points Margarita frozen 12-oz === 739/15=points Margarita, frozen strawberry 8-oz glass =424/9-points Martini (2.5 fl oz) === 155/3-points Martini Apple (3-oz) === 155/3.5-points Martini Dirty (4.5-oz)=== 240/5-points Martini Godiva Chocolate 6-oz= 438/8.7fat= 10-points Martini Chocolate (2.5-oz)= 188/4-points Martini Vodka, (2.5-oz)=== 127/3-points Melon Ball, (7-oz) === 297/6-points Midori Sour (6-oz)=== 219/4.5-points Mint Julep (10 fl oz) === 215/5-points Mojito (8-oz) glass === 214/4.5-points Mudslide, (2-oz) === 202/6.4fat/5-points Old Fashioned (4 fl oz) == 180/4-points Pina Colada (6 fl oz) === 644/6-points Purple Haze, (1-oz) === 103/2-points Red White & Blue, (6-oz)== 296/6-points Rusty Nail, (2-oz)=== 135/3-points Rum and Coke (10-oz) === 356/7-points Rum and diet Coke (10-oz)= 115/2.5-points Scooby Snack, (3-oz) === 209/4.5-points Screwdriver (7 fl oz) === 208/4-points Sex on the beach (2.5-oz)== 143/3-points Sex on the beach (4.2-oz)== 292/6-points Sidecar, (2-oz) === 117/2.5-points Singapore Sling (8 fl oz)= 230/5-points Sloe Gin Fizz (8 fl oz) == 120/2-points Strawberry Ice (4.5-oz) == 233/5-points Tequila Sunrise (5.5 fl oz)=190/4-points Tom Collins (7.5 fl oz) == 120/2-points Virgin Mary (4.1-oz) === 22/.5-points (best point drink) Washinton Apple shot, 1-oz= 53/1.5-points Water Moccasin (3-oz) === 175/4-points Whisky Sour (4 fl oz) === 170/3-points White Russian (3.5 fl oz)= 270/5-points—You-Need-To-Know/Beer.html

Answer #2

Also I learned that if you consume alcohol your metabolism slows making weightloss unnoticable due to the liver having to deal with the alcohol instead of metabolizing fat. It can take upwards to two weeks to start seeing noticeable weightloss again.

Answer #3

Not if it’s prawn cocktail! Lol. =oP

Answer #4

You’re consuming alcohol. Zero-calorie alcohol doesn’t exist.

Answer #5

Depends on the cocktail. Go Bacardi Silver and Diet Coke, ZERO calories, and delicious.

Answer #6

Drinking alcohol in moderation doesn’t cause weight gain, although alcohol contains calories. Beginning to drink sometimes causes a slight loss among women. The reasons for this phenomenon are not yet understood, although there are several hypotheses.

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