Is vodka fattening?

And if so how many calories does it have? D:

Answer #1

lmfao I dont know how much cals it has but any alcohol will cause weight gain…

Answer #2

My life is f;cking ruined now oh my god there’s honestly no point in f;cking anything anymore

Answer #3

probably cause its alcohol t.t but i don’t think it should matter. your young. you lose you gain you lose you gain.

Answer #4

No I don’t lose I’m like a f;cking hippopotamus it’s impossible for me to lose weight I’m disgusting as all godddamn hell

Answer #5

That is bs & you know it…:(

Answer #6

No it’s not though you’ve only ever seen my face my stomach is disgusting

Answer #7

Nvm sorry =/ I’m being whiny

Answer #8

Connor, you know we have been friends on here for a while now…I know something is bothering you, I wish you would let me help…saying stuff like this is not you…I would like to help you if you calmed down a bit take a few breaths & try to relax then count to 10 & explain what brought this whole thing on. Something has triggered your reaction tonight…we have your back…at least I do…so talk to me.

Answer #9

im in love with this question :) who really gives a sh*t if vodkas fattening, its good. bottoms up;)

Answer #10

Lmao true true.

Answer #11

Extremely. It’s about a 100 cals per shot. Oh and I’m sorry, but this whole thing about your weight needs to be addressed. You could just google calories per whatever you’re asking about. But you’re not. You’re asking people. Who have to then google the same information. Thus making it rather complicated. Which makes me think you’re trying to say something. Yes, we acknowledge that something’s going on. Obviously no one is calling you on it, so obviously no one is getting at exactly what the real issue is. So, perhaps you’d like to enlighten us. It makes us all sad to see you counting calories over the stupidest stuff. We all care about you. Whatever’s going on with your body image and self esteem, you’re going to have to be more direct about it. Because we all see you, and we know there’s nothing wrong with how you look…

Answer #12

16 yrs old and drinking > <

Answer #13

yes it is fattening most alcohol has alot of carbs which having to many will make the body produce alot of insulin which results in weight gain

Answer #14

@ Connor Murphy : you dont need to drink… get some hobbies Eg sports playing a musical insturment. If your drinking cuz of peer presure, say NO serisouly what friends are they if u need to follow everything they do, good or bad?

If you drink to solve ur problems or if ur stressed DONT…try meditation or just going for walks somewhere quite and take deep breaths and forget about those things…

I am saying this frm experience/w my mother…she drunk her self to death and it was a death long nad painful…

I know u may not d o it for any of the bove reasons but thought i might let u kno plus aint u underage anywhoo?

Answer #15

in Russian so i can drink vodka more than anyone i know straight and im younger than you. :)

Answer #16

a musical instrument lol what you blowing tonight mate lmao

sorry i couldnt help it haha

Answer #17

@matt: IDK what you mean exactly but I interprated it as all musicians adre alcoholics etc and drink….well I have been a drummer for over 12 yrs and I bearly drink….i bearly finish half a bottle of beer when we go out for dinner or i oder 1 glass of wine and dont drink it all….but if ur not meaning that please tell me what you ment :)

Answer #18

nope…..unless it is beer

Answer #19

Alcohol does have energy/calories in it.

But if you drink vodka, you will fall unconscious or die of alcohol poisoning before you’ve drunk enough to get any noteworthy amount of cqalories.

Answer #20

I think he means something else…as to what happened tonight to make him want to drink…perhaps the question is referring to what are you blowing off steam on tonight?! In British slang it sounds like something else…I hope that is what ya mean Matty!:P

Answer #21

You have good and loyal friends on Funadvice Connor. :-)

Answer #22

No I was actually just wondering lol it’s nothing, but you’re right I’ll use google from now on. The only reason I haven’t before is because I’m like Google challenged and I never type in the right thing. But anyway thanks.

Answer #23

That’s not something to be proud of.

Answer #24

im guessing what matt was refering to was something dirty lol


Answer #25

oh bullcrap. your no hippo, you just think you are & i’m sure your the ONLY ONE who thinks that.

Answer #26

Look. You’ve asked several questions on this subject. It’s obviously not nothing. The point was not that you should go to google. But that people are worried about you.

Answer #27

He said there’s nothing going on, so lay off.

Answer #28

Im american and I would love to challenge that. Ahaha.

Answer #29

Yeah. like thanks Ty but honestly I’m fine. But seriously thanks for the concern.

Answer #30

yeah good luck with that :P

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