Am I strong, I can bench 175?

I can do a maximum of 175 lbs on the bench press 120 on deadlift and about 80 on the bicep curl I am 17 years old 290 pounds am I strong I feel flabby and weak

Answer #1

tell me if this is good or bad im a freshmen in highschool and just started workin out for the first time for my football team im 15 an weigh 175-180 , when my workout group put me on the bench I did 145-10x then we did sqauts I did 185-205 bout 30x all together. Then we did deadlift 215-225, then we did powercleans I did 150 10-8-4 .

Answer #2

well my hubby is 5’9 180 and lifts 225 I’m not sure about everything else. Your probadly not flabby or weak. Try pushing yourself to do more. If you can’t then thats ok, take your time. You dont want to hurt yourself.

Answer #3

well I started weight lifting 3 months ago im 5’6 or 5’7, I weigh 165 lbs and im 15. I can bench 145 lbs 6 times, becip curl 66 lbs 12 times, leg press 705 lbs 12 times, abdominal crunch 176 lbs 20 times and deadlift 242 lbs 6 times so your not that bad your just have to find a good workout and stick to it.

Answer #4

Impressive tallen21 very impressive!

I just started working out again and I can bench 200 pounds 6 times… (no idea what one rep max is) and im an Ectomorph body the hardest of them all to be, your not too bad you just sounds like you should be doing a lot more cardio and eating a lot better that 175 will jump over 200 in nooo time.

Answer #5

No sorry I don’t think your strong. I’m 17 and can bench press 330, powerclean 300 and squat 460, and I weigh on 195. Get on a good workout plan and do it.

Answer #6

Well your doing good but you need to work harder because im 15 and I bench 215 you need to warm up rest than build it up and do 10 reps than rest and keep building and rest after every set and you will get much stromger

Answer #7

Well, back in high school ( a long way away) at your age, I was 5’6”, and could bench 200…but, I’d been lifting weights for about 3 years to get there.


Well, you didn’t mention your height. A good rule of thumb is you should be able to bench your weight times 1.25, if you’re “strong”…and do about 75+ push ups in a set, etc. Sounds like you need to stick to it, perhaps monitor / adjust your diet, and do some cardio. In addition, make sure you stretch, a good warm up is key to improved circulation, better fat loss, and improved performance.

Answer #8

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Answer #9

Not really. The minimum you should bench is your weight. im 15, 165lbs and I bench 220.

Answer #10

is this pretty good for my first time im 15 weigh about 175-180 could bench 145,8 times could sqaut 185-205 bout 25 reps deadlift 215-225 3x8 and powerclean 155 10-8-8

Answer #11

I can do 175 with my legs. and im a 15 year old girl . and weigh 150 I dont know much about weight lifting, but I’d say your pretty strong.

Answer #12

it matters how long you been training and how hard I weight 180 ish and bench 315 squat 355 deadlift 315 and curl over 100 I’ve been training since 5th grade and been training hard for about 2 and wrestling for 3yrs helped I am 17 years. so keep it up

Answer #13

Hmm well I am a 22 yr old female at 5’5” and I weigh 155 and I bench 200 & squat 475ish You should find a trainer!!

Answer #14

Not to be mean, but for 290lb, you are very weak. I am 21, 5”7 150lb and i can bench 250 1 rep max. I can do 225 for 5 unassisted, I have been working out for 4 months and i am still getting stronger. Continue working hard at the gym on weightlifting, but be more concerned with cardio. Remember to run BEFORE you eat, that way you burn the fat on you, and not the carbs from the food you just ate.

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