How can I stop telling myself that I'm fat?

i don’t like the way i look at all. i am 5’’3’ and i weigh 110lb. i feel that i am really fat. no one has really told me i was fat but my brothers. i do a lot of sports and i eat right. i dance competitively more than 33 hrs a week and i also play lacrosse, soccer, and gymnastics. i wakeboard and surf. i try to keep as fit as possible. i always work out after i eat and i run a lot. i still feel fat as a pig. secretly, whenever i look in the mirror i tell myself to stop eating or only eat a cracker for every meal, but that never happens. i see all my friends and all the beautiful skinny people in magazines and tell myself that i need to look like that. all my friends are very skinny and popular. i feel that guys would like me more if i was skinnier. i dont want to wear bathing suits around anyone so i always wear board shorts and a rash guard.

i need help about my weight!!!! how do i get skinny or stop telling myself that i am fat

Answer #1

you sound incredible…you should know one thing especially about guys, is that they are not only brutally honest with one another, but they like to put each other down…and since you’re their sister, they see you as “one of the guys.” Have you ever noticed how guys are always telling each other that they are stupid or “small?” It’s just guys’ nature…They can say all they want, you are most definatly not fat. You are right on track, and you are gorgeous, healthy, and who cares what they say anyway?

Try thinking more positively about yourself…instead of listening to ignorant people, just believe in yourself, and know that you are so radiant. A cracker for a meal will probably not be sufficient enough and keep you happy or healthy. Guys notice one thing, that your confident…Like I said…look at yourself a bit more positively and try thinking about everything that is good about you, I’m sure you can write a whole book about it :D

Cheer up hon, and you can always talk to me or anyone of the other people here… <3jaymie (my name by the way)

P.S. You seem like a really awesome person,…

Answer #2

Hey, listen your not overweight, especially not ob eased you sound like a very active girl and a really fun girl to be around. Don’t listen to your brothers, my brother is the same way to me, rude and obnoxious! ha ha, but listen , you don’t need to starve yourself to look good, or to have guys notice you, trust me. Don’t let your self esteem fall because you don’t look exactly like some victories secret model, or because you think you have to look like your friends to fit in. Your not forced to do anything you don’t want to, regarding anything. Get comfortable in your own skin and try not to worry about what other people think. If you still need some questions or anyone to talk to, you can talk to me, send me a fun mail and what not. I’m looking forward to speaking with you again,

your friend Luis

Answer #3

oh my gosh sweetie your not fat at all a few years ago i was just about that size and my friends and family teased me about being too skinny please never starve yourself the girls in magazines may seem beautiful but nothing is as it seems they are professionally dressed and their make-up is applied by professionals also most people on magazine covers are touched up in photo shop which is how they are so beautiful. You are beautiful just the way you are never try to change your body or starve yourself.

Answer #4

I am your size and I am not fat at all! I also am about as active as you! keep it up!!


Answer #5

Gives you a big hug First off, you are more active than me! Holy, cow… I don’t even know much about lacrosse… Listen, hunny… You are beautiful… I want you to look into the mirror tonight, and look at your self. You know you love your self, don’t you? If you didn’t… You wouldn’t take such good care of your self, the way you do now! I think you are amazing! I know if I worked out as much as you do, I’d be buff as heck! I’m, just kindof lazy any more lol Sweetie you are normal! :-D Smiles Don’t starve your self please…

Here is an FYI! :D A Helpful Friendly Tip… Because I really care about you, believe it or not, I know You dont know me I dont know you ya ya blah blah and that stuff… but Thats fine! You will.

Okay, when you look in the mirror.. try this Wink at your self and smile… I know I know! It sounds silly, trust me it is fun! Once your start laughing, you’ll make a few faces, its fun! Then then then, here listen it gets better dear…

Flex your muscles and grunt a little hehe… ITs kinda fun huh? I like to tell my self how Beautiful I am, and I look great! It helps me to stop worrying to much about how I look, and start realizing how neat of a person I am inside & out!

The more you do it, the more you realize… there is really no problem with you at all! Laughs I know, it seems simple doesnt it?

Guess what! It really is! Take it from me, when I realized the only one person who was the hardest on me than ANY of my siblings, friends or family… WAS ME!

Gives you another hug We’re a wonderful group of people here at Funadvice. You talk to any one of our support (Members like you) or advisor’s when ever you need them. Feel free to e-mail us.

I hope you feel better! Remember, Looking in the mirror, and being confident isn’t conceit its open expressiveness… Take care


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