Age to stop seeing daughter naked?

What age did your mom stop seeing you naked? Do you think your mom thinks about how you looked back then. It really bothers me. I was 14 the last time she saw me regularly and I am 16 now. Do you think she remembers it?

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Like, one time we were in Beloxi and my aunt, my mom, and grandma were walking around our hotel room naked, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME AND MY BROTHER, AND WE BOTH SLEPT AND STAYED IN THE BATHROOM AWAY FROM THOSE FREAKS.

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Well, speaking from a mother's point of view, I don't exactly sit and think about what my daughter looks like naked.

Why would you even worry about such a thing?

...and for the record, the last time my mother saw me naked was when I was giving birth to my 3rd child 11 years ago (I was 23)...mothers don't look at their daughters like that.

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well yeah you are her son and she luvs you and will always remember you so yeah she probably remembers.

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I doubt she remembers it.
Your mom has seen you naked thousands of times. You are her daughter. When she saw you naked the last time, you were just her daughter, you weren't her NAKED daughter, you know? It most likely didn't even register to her as a 'weird' thing- you're her baby in any form. :)
You can probably stop dwelling on it- your mom isn't. :)
I hope that helps you.

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Haha I don't think you should have a problem with your mom seeing you naked! She's most likely not sitting around thinking about you naked lol.
My mom and I share a bathroom so sometimes we see each other naked which can be weird but its not a big deal I don't compare myself to her or anything. Maybe you just need to work on your self connivence (not trying to be mean)so that way it doesn't bug you as much!

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Age? As soon as you start feeling uncomfortable.

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Whenever the daughter decides she wants her privacy, it will happen at her own pace, she will make that decision when she is ready, your mom isn't likely to remember it and I don't think she will even be thinking about it, your her child, she saw you naked when you were first born and wont think anything of it

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