Do you adjust your home heating/cooling thermostat or leave it alone, regardless (read more)?

This one stays on 68 year around no matter how cold or hot it gets outside. I think it has saved me money in the long run by not messing with it. I’ll tell ya why if you wanna know.

Answer #1

I am always messing up with mine. 68 would be too cold for me.

Answer #2

I understand. The key is to find a temp you like, get used to it and leave it there. Here’s why: Most utility company’s charge you a monthly rate based on your “peak usage” which is usually a higher rate than your “normal usage”. Example: I work 12 hours a day, I could “turn it down while I’m gone, then turn it up when I get home” Makes sense right? It’s a mistake. Your heating system is working long and hard and gonna run quite awhile to reach the temperature that you adjusted it to now that you are home and that is gonna be your peak usage charge. If you set the temp you want, then leave it alone, you will have a steady bill that you can easily predict depending upon the weather.

Answer #3

Yea i kinda mess with mine too. Mine is either on cold or hot air of off so i have to switch it depending on the weather. Hot out it stays on 68.. cold it stays on 75. Sometimes i adjust it to different temps.

Answer #4

Yep, I used to do that too. A couple years ago I set my foot down about the thermostat and I’d say we’ve saved about 1800 bucks. (told my wife she looks lovely in her house coat)

Answer #5

Oops, I mean about a 1000 bucks.

Answer #6

yea i need to do that as well hehe

Answer #7

Makes sense to do. However a lock box over the thermostat is a worthwile investment if you have other members of the family who tend to adjust it too. My family is and was notorious for heading to the thromostat when they felt too hot/cold. And of course I’d only find out after I realized how hot or cold it had then gotten.

Answer #8

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